Wyze Scale Variance

Ok, so I have the Wyze Scale.
It is sitting on a smooth level tile floor.
I am having significant weight variations.
For example, and as a test, I have been weighing myself 3 times each morning.
All weigh-ins are au-natural.

The first weigh-in is right after getting up.
The second weigh-in is after the morning constitutional.
The second weigh-in is consistently 7-8 pounds lower than the first.
Yeah, I know I technically lost a little weight during the constitutional, but 8 pounds?

The third weigh-in is after drying off after the morning shower.
The third weigh-in is routinely 1 pound less than the first weigh-in.
I am not absorbing over a gallon of water during my shower.

The variation is about a 2.5% variation from total weight.

Any idea why? Or any other people having this issue?

Try putting in on a diffrent floor just to eliminate that possibility.

Also try weighing yourself like 3 times back to back (30 seconds between or so) just to eliminate any outside factors. See if it still has weird results back to back. 1 pound could account for cloths being on/off or a towel, but 7 pounds is definitely not right.

I’ll try another floor surface, but my home only has two types. Tile and luminant. Or the garage, but that is 110 degrees, so I don’t want to introduce that variable lol

All measurements are taken, without any clothes on,
and the time between measurements is about 10 to 15 minutes.
Weigh, poo (yes a GOOD 10-15 minutes lol), weigh, shower, weigh

And yeah, I could see a 1 pound variation possible, especially after a poo.

The crazy part is, the variation is CONSISTENT! Day after day.
8 pounds between the first and second, and about 1 pound less than the first on the third. (So 7 pound variation from the second)

This is some seriously funny stuff thank you for the wholesome chuckle.

Try this after your “you time” tomorrow.

Before weighing yourself zero out the scale by applying enough pressure to the scale that it shows a zero, then wait until the numbers turn off.

Weigh yourself, wait for the numbers to go off then weigh yourself again and see if you get the same variance.

I have all three scales and while I do not weigh myself consecutive times on the same scale I go down the line (I know a bit redonk, but I have tech issues)

They are generally no more than .3 lbs of each other if not spot on resting on linoleum flooring.

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