Scale calibration changed

I have the original wyze scale and it has worked great, but a couple weeks ago, the calibration changed or something and now it’s reading consistantly 10 pounds less than it should. At first I thought I was just doing good, but I’m pretty sure my 6 year old hasn’t lost 10 pounds. Is there a way to reset the calibration or something like that? I can find information on reseting the scale-s and scale-x, but the original one doesn’t have a reset button like those do.

Typically the primary way to do this is to slightly step on the scale with 1 foot to have the LED lights turn on, then let your foot off. This is supposed to calibrate that position at 0lbs and then you step on it normally right after that and it should be calibrated to the correct amount.

It’s possible one of the types of sensors in it went bad or something though. :man_shrugging: I think it has a few potential points that could wear out.

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