Wyze Scale inconsistent weight readings

My scale used to be extremely consistent. Check weight 5 different times in a couple of minutes and all readings were exactly the same.

Now, I have no idea how much I weigh because it fluctuates so much between readings. This morning, I weighed myself several times and it fluctuated as much as 3 pounds. Very frustrating when trying to lose weight.

Fresh batteries, scale was not moved…is this normal? Do I just need to find a different scale?


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Hello @lbelsha and welcome to the community.

I have personally not run into this issue I am using a Wyze Scale X. My weight will fluctuate during the day obviously but if I step on it, take my weight, step off, the repeat the process I get the same reading. I would say a 3 pound fluctuation when doing that is definitely an issue.

I know @carverofchoice has used many of the different scales so I am curious if he has seen a fluctuation in any. I would also try contacting support to see what they say.


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Firstly, it’s possible your scale wore out or something. Things do happen, so don’t think that anything else I say is against that possibility. These things are electronics and electronics do wear out. It may be worth contacting support as Jason suggested.

As for whether I have seen a fluctuation, no, my scale is still reasonably consistent within expectations.

For what it is worth, several companies have reviewed all the smart scales out there and the Wyze scales are commonly picked as being the most accurate.
Here is the most recent I know of from Wirecutter about the Scale-X:

After logging hundreds of weigh-ins on dozens of smart scales over six years, we are confident that the reliable Wyze Scale X, with its incredibly simple app, is the one to get.

This durable scale provides consistently accurate readings, accommodates up to eight users, and has an easily ​​navigable, if somewhat basic, app.

And here I summarize a thorough test from CNN against the top 8 rated smart scales:

They also chose the original Wyze scale as the best smart scale, including saying:

…The Wyze scale…proved to be one of the most accurate scales we tested in terms of weight. Comparing it to readings on an analog scale, the Wyze was never more than 0.2 pounds off. In comparison, some of the other scales, like the Fitbit Aria Air, varied by up to a pound. Additionally, when we stepped onto the scale holding a 10-pound hand weight, the readings jumped exactly 10 pounds…

So, it will be generally difficult to find a scale that performs better than the Wyze ones overall. I would know, I did extensive research on smart scales before I finally settled on Wyze. I made a spreadsheet with all the details of dozens of smart scales, and finally settled on Wyze as being the obvious best scale that wasn’t several hundred dollars, and it actually still surprisingly outperforms some of the really, really expensive ones. I’m fairly confident there isn’t a scale under $100 that is better than the Wyze ones, at least for the things I care about most. I accept different people can have different preferences though.

Still, there are legit questions about weight variance.

I can help explain what things cause a scale to not show a consistent weight and why it is reassuring to me when this happens, rather than concerning. First, here is what smart scales often take into account:

My suggestions for best results though:

  1. Just before measurement, step on the scale with one foot until it turns on, then remove your foot so it goes back to 0lbs. This resets the sensors to baseline with the current placement (floors are never 100% even and level, and doing this ensures everything is reset correctly for where it is currently sitting)
  2. Place your feet in as close to the same position every single time
  3. Hold your self up in as close to the same weight distribution as possible every single time. I know this sounds weird, but if you lean a little bit more to the left, or the right or backward on your heels or more weight on your toes, etc it actually can affect things on smart scales.
  4. Try to hold as still as you can. Research has actually proven that is impossible to completely eliminate sway as there are always small functions in the body’s position and posture due to factors such as breathing, muscle activity, blood pressure and sensory input. Standing still is a dynamic process where the body constantly adjusts to maintain equilibrium, and has some sway, but try to minimize it as much as possible so it FEELS like you aren’t moving at all.

Keep in mind, that all scales are subject to what is called weight “tolerance” (possible variations) as well. Some may have a fixed tolerance for weight ( ±0.2 lbs or ±0.1 kg, regardless of the actual weight. Other smart scales have a percentage tolerance for weight, such as ±1%, which means the tolerance will increase or decrease proportionally to the weight. Some of them are sort of dynamic based on weight ranges having a different tolerance compared to a different weight range. The tolerances aren’t always published, and aren’t as important as long-term consistency tests against alternatives, which Wyze has excelled in.

It’s possible a different scale will do something more along the lines of what you hope, but keep in mind that when a scale gives you an exactly consistent weight everytime, it might be because it is lying to you and using heavy anchoring. On the bright side, the anchoring algorithms often improve overtime and are reasonably accurate in long term stats, but you can’t necessarily trust an individual measurement because they might be averaging it out based on other recent measurements and not telling you the truth of what it REALLY just measured. That’s a risk. Brands rarely disclose all that.


My Scale (not S or X) will read 3 lbs lower on the 2nd reading than the 1st reading about 95% of the time. My wife has the same scale that we bought at the same time, and hers does the same thing. We bought these in May 2023

Is there a way to fix this?

I just got my scale (X) on Saturday and weighed myself. I decided to weigh myself again this morning and was horrified that it showed me up 7 lb in one day. Obviously, that’s not possible. What advice do you have for me?

Ive had my (original midel)scale around 2+ years and its very inconsistent. I have it in same place on floor. I can step on…it goes to 0.00…off and back on, or just step on, and it changes each time. This morning it was 2 lb more then yesterday…then 4lb more…then 4 lbs less then yesterday. I stopped at that one… the first scale I got when they first came out, did this. I asked on their group. They sent me a new one and I returned the first. This is the 2nd one, now. Has new, good batteries. Also, it hardky ever reads heartbeat. Usually it starts to then stops with an error ! Says error try again. Sometimes it works, if I keep trying I usually give up after 4-5 tries. I have also tried misting top of scake with water. Sometimes it says no readings, too dry.
Im not experienced with digital scales maybe its just me? I google, looking for answers.