Problems with two V3 stacked cams

WHAT IS CAUSING #2 cam to randomly go off-line?
(See attachment).

#1 cam works without issue but #2 cam unpredictably goes off-line frequently and requires a manual power down before camera can be restarted. Both cams in place for about eight months. Cameras powered on continuously.

Have two V3 cams used with two WYZE lamp sockets stacked inside a single light fixture (NO LIGHT BULBS INSERTED), outside the basement door entryway. Mostly weather protected—weather has not been issue, hot or really cold (0 deg).

#1 lamp socket inserted first into light fixture with #2 lamp adapter screwed into #1 adapter. A no-power dummy plug substitutes in place of light bulb. No light bulb inserted. Power to fixture is from
inside wall switch and always ON.

Both camera has micro-sd’s recording continuously. Both camera “lamp socket control” setting set to always ON.

When camera 2 goes off line, does the uSD card continue to record?

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Here is another thread with users having connection issues. My v3 cameras are working fine.
V3 firmware
App version 2.48.

Have you moved the power from camera #1 on socket #1 to power camera #2, and then move the power cable from socket #2 to camera #1? Switch the power? See if the issue stays on camera #2 or follows the power cable to camera #1?

No. When it goes offline, everything stops.

That sounds like it is loosing power.

Things I would personally try:

  • Try switching the order of the lamp sockets and see what happens. If the problem switches to the other side, then it’s almost definitely an insufficient power issue.
  • If the problem stays the same, try switching camera cords to the opposite lamp socket temporarily. If it switches which camera is the problem, then it might be the cord (try a different cord) or the lamp socket itself that is the problem (contact support and see if you qualify for a warranty replacement). If it stays the same, it might be the camera, not the lamp socket.
  • Try using the malfunctioning socket in a separate socket temporarily just to see if it functions right on its own.

After those I’d see where it stands and re-evaluate other considerations.

Thanks. After the weather improves and warms up, I’ll do some switching.

Thanks Carver,
V3 modifications.
Except for a camera replacement, any other change will involve 100% dismantling of all wires and unscrewing/removal of both lamp adapters in order to make any change.
This will take some time and warm weather needed to work without gloves for that long.
We will just have to be patient and bide our time.

Last night from#1.

#2 copy from problem camera.

The NYCE LampCharger socket adapters have two USB ports on them.
I have two v3 cameras plugged into a NYCE Socket in one location, and a V3 Pro and V3 plugged into another NYCE Socket at another location. They are about $14 on Amazon. The only problem with the NYCE adapter is you are limited to a 60w light bulb.

Thanks Muerte33,
I had been looking at that adapter as a possible solution. The adapter and connectors have to fit inside light fixture as per my picture.?

Looks like it might fit based on the dimensions…

Product information

|Package Dimensions
‎3.5 x 2.68 x 2.56 inches
| — | — |
|Item Weight|‎2.89 ounces|
|Manufacturer|‎NYCE Power|

I had an old spare NYCE, so I took it out of the box and looked at it.
BOTH USB plugs are on one side and an on/off switch is on the other side, so it may be tight at 2.5" across. Obviously you would not have to worry about how tall it is since it cannot be as tall as two stacked ones.
They may have re-designed them since I bought mine over 2 years ago though.
These have been outside under the eaves of my home.
I would not doubt they will fail tomorrow since I bragged on them :slight_smile:
Good Luck

Kill power to your assembly and unscrew lamp socket # 2 from #1. Look at the hot contact (center contact) inside #1 and see if it is flattened (does not spring out). If so, unscrew socket #1, clean any corrosion, gently pry the contact up slightly with a small screwdriver, reinstall #1, reinstall #2 (slightly snug, not gorilla tight), turn on power and retest.

Thanks Seapup. When weather warms up more, will give it a try.
This could be a no cost solution.

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muerte33: Is your NYCE screwed inside a light fixture? Clearence an issue for the usb clips?

I checked yesterday and I really have three locations using these NYCE devices.
Two are INSIDE light fixtures outside my garage (one on each side of the garage).
One drives a V3 only with the original Wyze USB cable.
The other one drives a V3 and a V3 Pro, both with 3rd party long USB cables.
The third installation is at a floodlight and it is exposed (no fixture).
It drives two V3 cameras with original Wyze USB cables.
I have a spare NYCE because I bought two, two packs off Amazon (when they sold them in pairs).

Thanks for the updates.
Seems as they might work for me.