Vers 3 dual cams

Have two vers 3 cameras setup outside inside porch stoop connected via porch light using 2 Wyze lamp holders for usb power access.
Camera 1 is mostly troublefree whereas camera 2 keeps going offline every working good for 24-48 hours
Restarting does not get it back on line. Resetting the wall switch is needed before the camera will restart and become usable again.

The two camera are almost side by side so signal should be the same on both.
Since #1 continues working while #2 is failing is the problem one of the two Wyze lamp sockets, or the 128gb. Micro so on#2 or the camera?
Any suggestions

I would try swapping the power cords and see if the problem follows the cord. Then maybe take the SD cards out for awhile and see if the problem clears up.

What firmware version are both cameras on?

Both have same software.
Will switch lamp socket wire. Must take everything apart to make the switch. Both camera worked overnight. Thanks much for suggestion Steven.

Firmware looks up to date. Have you tried rebooting your WiFi router?

Is one lamp socket screwed into the other socket, so you have a wyze lamp socket tower? Can you provide a picture of the setup? I wonder if there is a lack of power occuring here if you have the sockets stacked. Is there bulbs in the socket(s) also?

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As I expected, thanks. If you turn the light bulb off using the lower socket, does that conserve enough power to run the troublesome v3 without issue?

Two Wyze lamp adapters in tight but light bulb loose so as not to use. Light switch on.
Wyze adapter settings light settings to “off” but have tried other settings.
#2 camera works good while it works not stops unexpectedly after hours of working good.

Rebooting router has not seemed to have cured issue.

Since the bottom lamp socket is getting power from the top socket, the top sockets light setting would need to be set to “on” in it’s associated v3s settings.

I agree. What seems to work best for me is to have both wyse lamp socket settings set to “ON”.
At this point,I will have to wait until #3 bottom camera fails again before I can continue troubleshooting.
Thanks for all the help.