2 of my three sockets lost connection

I have three sockets with the Wyze cam v3 in the middle and no more than 20 feet to the next socket. After initial setup and confirming all three worked together, I programmed them to turn on one hour before sunset, and off one hour after sunrise. After a couple of weeks, the south light just stayed on continuously and could not be controlled by the app. Then a week later the north one did the same. The socket with Wyze cam connected remains functioning by program and app. Any ideas on how to reconnect? I looked for a way to unpair the sockets and start from scratch, but could not find that either. In all, not super impressed with the sockets…

Force close the app and see if that helps

Yep. That didn’t do anything. I was about to completely uninstall the camera and sockets, but ran out of time. Had shut the switches off earlier and turned them on for the night until I could get back at it. Decided to try controlling with the app one more time… this time it worked! I had tried power cycling before for a couple minutes but it didn’t work then. Not sure why it worked now…. We’ll see how it continues to work…

Let me know what happens keep me updated …thanks

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So far so good! I haven’t had a problem with connectivity since. I’m kind of wondering if cold weather caused some problems. We were down to negative 10’s (F) for a few days around the time problems showed up. I’ll keep an eye for n changes nice we hit mid Feb. usually have sub zero temps (F) then.

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