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I own a 10 stall horse barn and have decided to put Wyze Cameras v2 in all the stalls and give access to the horse owners to view their horse through the Wyze App. I want to be able to
turn off the sound on the cameras so that they can’t listen to any conversations that go on in the
barn. Is there any way to do this? BTW I will not be recording anything either so it is only for live viewing only.

If you share the cam, they should not be able to alter the settings below, but they will still be able to turn the entire cam OFF.

Settings (gear icon top right) → Advanced Settings → Record Sound → OFF
Settings (gear icon top right) → Event Recording → Detect Sound → OFF
Settings (gear icon top right) → Notifications → Sound → OFF

Brutal permanent methods of removing the microphone here:

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These settings don’t stop people from listening to a camera.


Damn! Ya, know as I was typing that, seeing the word “record” all the time began tickling my brain but I ignored it. Is there a way to prevent listening within the Wyze app, or is that one of the many requested features on the sharing Wishlist thread? Or are we back to tinycam and a webserver?


Well yeah but his or her link points to a video showing how to easily yank the mic off the mainboard with a needlenose in a few seconds…


Heheh - yeah something childlike delights me about the pliers approach! :grinning: But it is also pretty hack proof and secure. :grinning:

Well yeah, secure unless the owners can read lips.


That’s what COVID masks are for! :grinning:


LOL very true…

Thankfully i only have 2 cameras installed right now. So I will most likely look for a different system. Although I really like the Wyze Cam and how small it is. Glad I didn’t buy all 10 of them yet…

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Yes, there can be a lot of legal ramifications to recording audio without people knowing, so many ( most / all ? ) commercial systems do not have that capability at all.

Actually it has always amazed me that so many smart home type cams tout two way talking as the greatest of features. Not everything will be used as a doorbell cam or a baby monitor…

Yes, Wyze cams are so convenient - makes it all the more annoying to have to physically remove the mics…

It’s worth noting that with alternate firmware he or she might have the option to mute it but I sense Rich would rather not go that route either… It would require entirely separate sharing mechanisms.

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Was talking to a Cox business security installer awhile back and he was telling how many horse barn installs they had been doing. It was insane! So it’s definitely the hot tip thing to be doing, but there have to be some good choices out there in between the Wyze pricing and the Cox pricing! Best luck finding something that suits! :slightly_smiling_face:

There are only 8 states that require 2 party consent for recordings. California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Only a couple of those states have stipulations. For example, in Rhode Island, consent is not required when the recorded party does not have a reason to expect privacy. Like a horse barn for example. :wink:

That’s really beside the point and inapplicable though. In many, many, many cases the audio recorded by a camera is going to be zero party consent, without even one of the people being recorded aware of it (and with the owner of the camera not an active participant).

As @sodcam said it’s generally illegal to record audio with surveillance cameras.

And I can’t see why a barn would not lead one to expect privacy! It’s enclosed private property with no one but animals there. Posting signs can mitigate that, but the whole point here is that the poster does NOT want any audio recorded! It’s his barn serving video to other people.

Here’s one rundown that came up in a search.

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Try a piece of electrical tape over the mic hole and see if that muffles the sound enough so it is unintelligible. If that works it’s an easy fix to get sound again.


Exactly!! :+1: Whenever I visit even casual boarding stables, I tend to notice any cameras & signs - because I’m not there every day.

But the regulars become immune over time and act as if they have complete privacy. Stepping into a momentarily empty stall for a private conversation is a commonly observed occurrence.

As a stable owner, I would want to make absolutely sure that no one, especially not an unknown selection of owners, could be listening in at any given time.

Privacy can be a big deal in stables where the horses are being entered in competitive events of any kind. :sunglasses:

Absolutely! :+1: Non-destructive and easily reversible! :grin: The best approach for testing or the homeowner not overly worried about bad actors spotting and removing the tape.


Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

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I’m not sure exactly where the mic hole is located, but I have an idea. Why not try pouring wax over the hole? It would probably be easy to remove later if you wanted to return sound.

Silicone may work well. Easy to peel off.

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