How to turn off Audio Recording

<p style=“text-align: left;”>We have a few Wyze cameras for our restaurant and have discovered that it is super illegal to record audio with out our staffs written consent. I think this is a Oregon only law, the state is strict on privacy when being recorded.</p>
So. What’s the best way to disable the Audio recording?

From the live stream view, tap the gear icon, then Advanced Settings. Toward the bottom, you will see a switch for “Record Sound”, which you can turn off.

If you don’t see the switch, it may be that this feature has not yet been released from beta. (I’m sorry I don’t recall if it has.) If it’s still only available in beta, I expect it to be released soon, or you can always join the beta by following the instructions in the beta section of this forum.

BTW, I think not recording audio without consent is the law in the majority of states.

Is this dependent on whether you have an android or iphone? I have the Record Sound feature on my app, but a friend does not…

It depends on if you have the just-released public version of the app and firmware. See this: