Record without audio

Is there any way to record video without audio? I’m concerned about wiretap laws specifically Massachusetts, while recording in common areas or outside.

I would think that Wyze would have to seriously consider adding a switch in the app to disable audio being recorded for the very reason you state.

Very valid point! We’ve got a big list of features and bugs that we’re working on right now, but I’ve definitely escalated this up to the dev team for them to prioritize. Thanks for bringing this up.

I’ve asked this elsewhere, but I would like to be able to share the cameras’ video feed without sharing the audio. I’d like others to be able to look at the view outside the window, but not hear the audio from inside.

I’d also like to be able to temporarily suspend sharing without actually unsharing.

When you’re working on sharing features, please consider this.



I was under the impression that turning ‘sound off’ did this. N’cest pas…?

Thanks for this feedback! I think audio is pretty much universal in a sense that it’s either switched on or off. Once we build the feature to turn off audio recording, when you share the feed there might not be audio being shared. I’ll let our engineers know about this request!

Can you elaborate more on the “temporarily suspend sharing without actually unsharing”? Is there a use case you foresee?

A corollary to my last request - I’d like to be able to share a captured playback video with the sound removed. My cameras are inside, facing outside. I really don’t want to share whatever random sounds and conversations it picked up on the inside. The way it is now, I would have to run it through a video processor to remove the sound.

Thank you!


I don’t want to turn off sound for me. Just for selected people I share the live cameras with, and when I share a recorded video.


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Hmm ??? I actually found this thread by searching for a reason why none of my Wyze cams record audio. I have audio in live feed, but neither AWS, nor SD recordings have any audio. I get sound alerts, so I can assume that the mics work, but there is never any audio in app or SD recordings when I pull the card out to review clips.

I love this camera and the software but am unable to use it presently for it’s intended purpose. I want security footage for my home but don’t want my conversations recorded. I want a way to turn off audio recording. Consequently I have several cameras I cannot use.


Was this added to the road map, this feature is basically the reason I am not using the camera and buying more. We want the audio off in recordings, live steam is ok, since it will be triggered by us. But during recording is a must have option.



To clarify for those still wondering:

Yes, with the latest firmware update, it is possible to disable to disable audio recording.


Yes, the audio recording off feature is now present.