Sharing Camera with someone, does it share sound?

I have a V3 camera mounted in my window inside the house, facing out pointed at a couple of bird feeders.

I would like to share the camera with friends and family.

Does sharing the camera, share just video? Or does it share Video and Audio?

I do NOT want to share Audio from inside the house with Friends and Family.

If it does share Audio as well, is there a way to disable sharing Audio and forcing it to share just Video?


It shares both video and audio any time they live view the cam. The same as if you were live viewing it.

The only way to disable this would be by physically disconnecting the cam mic inside the cam so no one can use it.

Limiting shares to video only is part of the following #wishlist request:


Here is a thread where they talk about removing the microphone from V2s and V3s:

Here is a wishlist item to VOTE for control over the audio in the live stream:

SlabSlayer already posted the link to vote for Multiple Users Permissions for Shared Users. :slight_smile: