Want to share other to watch my wyze cam (but watch only)

I want to share my kids to watch our wyze cam at home. But i don’t want them to change the settings. Can i give them view only facility?

They don’t get access to the settings when you share the camera, but they can turn the camera on & off. I suspect they missed restricting that one.

They get to see any alert videos, and you can’t turn sound off short of removing the microphone. So if you don’t want them hearing conversations, your only choice is to not share the camera.

They can turn motion tagging on too. My son keeps doing that on cameras that are shared with him.

More interested in being able to Share video ONLY. Ability to Disable Audio/mic sharing

I’ve physically removed the mic from the pcb board on two of my Wyzecams (v2) to achieve this. Just wanted to share my solution to show how much a feature to disable audio sharing would be appreciated within the app as a feature that can be controlled by the user. It’s not an a ideal solution… My main use case is I share a wyzecam pointed at my 3d printer bed so people can check in on what is currently printing.