Video recording without audio

I’m having work done on my house but only want to video record with no audio for legality reasons. Does wyze record video only?

Yes you can turn off the mic in the settings and have it record no audio at all.

Thank you I’ll give it a test run and make sure…

When you are in the camera settings go under advanced settings and turn off the option record sound.

How about being able to turn off sound in live view? I have shared my squirrel cam with my mother and don’t want her listening in to the sound. The cage and cam are set up in my living room as it is a baby squirrel I am rehabbing and she is very cute to watch. I just don’t want my mother listening to our conversations in the background. PLease help!!!

You can vote for increased control of shared user permissions here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.