Disable Sound

Is there a way to physically disable sound on the Wyze cams? I have a couple that I want to use in an office settings, but dont want sound recording to be enabled by any of the users.

Turn it off in the camera settings.

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Are these cameras shared to other users? or how would others utilize these cameras?

There is a “record sound” toggle in the advanced setting, but that toggles it for recording porposes only. If a user (main or shared account) watches the camera live, they can still press the “sound” button and hear what is occurring live. There is no way to physically disable the sound on the camera, without I am guessing voiding the warranty, which is obviously not advised. :slight_smile:

They are used by several people on a ‘security team’. But there is a concern that the sound coming from the cams could be sensitive, and they dont want any of the users to have the ability to turn on sound for a couple specific cams.

I want to be able to keep some of the other users from using the listening in on sensitive conversations.

@Omgitstony is right on about voiding the warranty, but if you want to do it and are mechanically handy its fairly simple. Doesn’t leave any software switch to turn on/off though.

And there is your problem, these aren’t really considered “security” cameras, as I’ve been told. So, there is no software way to turn off the sound so others that have access to the cameras are prevented from hearing them.

Not yet, but there is a wishlist item that is labeled “researching” for more control over shared user permissions. Give it a vote to help it along!

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