Completely disable sound

Is it possible to completely disable sound, both recording and live?



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You can disable sound recording with a switch found in Advanced Settings.

Live sound, obviously, is off if you don’t turn it on in the app. A switch to disable it (for the primary user) wouldn’t really accomplish anything more than just not turning it on.

Disabling sound for the shared users is not currently an available feature, but Wyze has said that they will be adding more detailed permissions controls for shared users at some time in the future.


Not really true. I don’t want sound on ever. For anybody. Take for example the idea that I have a cam on our guinea pigs I want to share with family, but I want no one to ever be able to eavesdrop on my home audio, not ever.

Also, I do not want sound on when I view on my Echo Show, just odd and distracting, but we enjoy checking in on the pigs from another room in the morning without any sound!


All cameras and microphones can be remotely activated on electronics devices, period. You may recall in the beginning Apple had a campaign to allow users to remotely access their webcam without the green light turning on, just in case that shady guy at your party last night snatched your MacBook Pro and when you woke up the next morning you discovered your laptop missing and you (or police) wanted to peek at the thief without them knowing. Then Edward Snowden came out and said they were accessing everyone’s cameras covertly in exactly that manner. One way you can discourage “listening in” is by playing long hours of various speech audio while you’re not at home. A lot to sift through to say the least but, computers are smart, keyword, voice recognition, facial recognition, etc. have come a long way. If you think no one is listening, guess again, you might read up on Mr New World Order (amazon) and ring customer camera footage and images access being allowed to staff without permission. The microphone is built into the sealed structure and cannot be completely disabled except by unplugging the power from the camera. Even that is not guaranteed unless you look inside one of the cameras. There are cameras a lot smaller than the Wyze Cam. I hope this answers your question.




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Answer was so off point it is silly. I just want to turn it off so I don’t hear by default. Not really concerned about whether it is absolutely disable or not. And then I do not want users whom I give access to see the camera to have the ability to turn it on. Now if it is still truly available and some nefarious hacker can still get in and abuse it, that is not the point in any way.


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Has then been any movement on this?

I too would like to know what the status is for more detailed permissions controls for shared users. My neighbour just told me he could hear everything I was doing - which I didn’t realize. He just so happened to be in the app and tapped Sound by accident with his thumb, and then all of a sudden he was hearing my bedroom extra curricular activities!! How embarrassing!!!