Prevent Sound from being turned on

It’s the pinhole right under the lens in the main black circle.

Worth a shot but I can’t see it blocking enough sound to be safe. Maybe someone will test and report back.

If you are into working on Wyze cameras, changing the lens, cleaning the filter, etc.
It’s no big deal to remove the microphone. I did this on one of my Wyze V2 cams.
I was going to unsolder it, but it just snapped off when I grabbed the micro to pull it out while unsoldering it. I don’t know if that was particular to that camera or not.
If you ever want to replace it, there are plenty of cheap replacements.

Yes that yanking “technique” is pointed out in the link above (post to which this is a reply).

Still having the roll of electrical tape and diagonal cutters left over from a previous Wyze incident which shall not be discussed, plus a freshly flashed V2 cam, I took on the @Customer challenge.

I also had a fat left thumb available to apply to the microphone hole.

In both cases - Total Fail - plugging the mic hole had a negligible effect on sound recording at ranges from 3 to 10 feet.

That microphone can hear through the sides of the case just as well as through the mic hole. It made feedback loops just fine with the hole completely plugged.

I did not mummify the entire camera in duct tape, and will leave that for someone else.

Applying tape to the back speaker grille did muffle the output, but that was it.

Therefore I retract all previous statements on this subject, except for the ones advocating physical removal of the microphone. :triumph:


Excellent work. 7 bonus points awarded for the Fat Left Thumb Experiment. Unfortunately 11 points removed for using “fail” as a noun in place of “failure”. Science is a harsh mistress.

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I was speaking only on the legalities of the situation. 1. A barn is not considered a place where a person should have a high level of privacy. 2. The OP is the 1 party. He knows the camera is recording audio. No one else needs to know if the OP lives in a one party state.

I see complaints come across my desk all the time when an individual thinks his or her rights have been violated. Only in rare cases is this true. I’d say…1 in 50. That’s being generous.

But as to the OP request, try sticking a needle into the hole and pressing hard. If that doesn’t work, disconnect it. If you’re having a hard time, PM me and I can skype you through the first one.

With all due respect, that is nonsense. The owner of the recording device doesn’t count unless he or she is part of the conversation recorded or has the consent of one of the parties.

/ Slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night

For the record I am not recording they are view only.

What if the people talking and listening do not include the OP?
I think the concern was customers overhearing other customer conversations.

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Did you go to law school?

Me? Not at all. (Thus the Holiday Inn reference.). It doesn’t make him or her any less wrong.

45 years ago. I still practice.

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