Original Scale app Issues?

I’ve had the original Wyze Scale since early backers and it has worked pretty well. The scale still works fine. My issue is ever since Wyze Scale X was announced, I cannot open the scale section in the app. Which means I cannot sync any data and the scale won’t recognize me when I step on it to give the extra data. My girlfriend is having the same issue on her app/account. Every other part of the app works but the scale section just goes blank then goes back to previous screen.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Already. Didn’t want to try adding the scale again but I suppose I could try that next.


Hey, I have the scale S, and my app is working fine. Make sure your app and scale are up to date. Then I would try deleting it and re adding it. Sorry for the trouble!

I have the Original Scale and the Scale X as well. I have been weighing on both every day, and it worked for me this afternoon. I have had no issues. My information was imported into the Scale X and both have continued to work for me.

Since you are having this issue, and you’ve already made several reasonable attempts to resolve it, I would recommend calling Support now. They may ask you to redo some things you’ve already tried, but they need to make sure every step is followed before they can move on to whatever the next steps are.

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Thanks. I have tried this but now I cannot add the scale back from multiple devices. I’m calling support now.

I too am having this issue, original scale now is inaccessible in the app (crashes back to main Wyze menu page) when Bluetooth is turned on for my phone. Turning Bluetooth off allows me to open the scale page in the app, but obviously I can’t weigh myself and add any new data, as it’s disconnected. Have tried updating, restarting the phone, removing and reinstalling batteries in the scale, etc. Also I am remiss to reinstall the app as the data backup feature won’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:


I have uninstalled the app and reinstall the app and all of my devices remain there. Including the scale. But I made the mistake of uninstalling the scale from the app and now I cannot add it back. I’ve been in contact with support and explained everything and they were not helpful at all. I have sent screenshots which do absolutely nothing because that’s not how you diagnose the issue.

This is what they sent me. They also said they closed my case because they cannot offer me any other troubleshooting help lol

Here are the instructions to send us your app log:

Please reproduce the issue, if possible.
In the Wyze app, go to Account > Wyze Support > tap Submit a Log > select the affected device or service > select the relevant issue category.
Enter any relevant details or associated support ticket request IDs in the Details section. You can also tap the + icon to add any relevant pictures or videos.
Make sure the Send log files option is checked to ensure the logs are included.
Tap Submit.

You can also submit a log through individual devices by tapping on the Product > Device Settings > Wyze Support > Submit a Log.

Please note that app logs are sent directly to our engineering team to use towards improving future app and firmware releases. These logs cannot be accessed or followed by our support team. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs but it’s still very much in progress.

Just wanted to chime-in here that I am having the same issue. I also made the mistake of removing my original Wyze scale from the app and now cannot add it back.

There are now at least 3 of you experiencing this. I’m going to bookmark this thread to remind me to report this issue in the next fix it Friday bug reporting event on July 1st. May I suggest you all submit a log for these issues and report the log number in here so we can include them in the report?

Even for not being able to add the scale back into the app, reproduce the issue you’re having (crash, not reinstalling, etc) and then submit a log, then post the log number here please. I’ll do what I can to bring this bug extra attention for you all.

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Having the same issue. Wyze support and engineering, why aren’t you saying/doing anything??

I ordered a Scale X which should arrive in a few days. I’ll report back if I’m having the same issue and if this changes anything for the original scale.

Just wondering… what type of phone and operating system version are you running?

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Update - I was able to get the scale & app connectivity working again by doing these things. First, I removed the scale from my account/app. Then I uninstalled the app and then reinstalling the app. When I added my scale back to the app I was prompted to enable location services. At this point I was then able to successfully connect to the scale. I am wondering if my location permissions for the app had been turned off and that this was the source of my issues. I cannot be 100% sure, however.

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I’m having the same issue… My location was “allowed when using the app”. I changed it to “all the time”, still crashing. I’m using aPixel 6 Pro, but didn’t had issues before. File a log several weeks ago

I have two Google Pixel 6 Pros I tried it on. One of them is running Android Beta 13 and the other is Android 12 public release.

My location permissions are set to always allow. And I’ve tried the same steps as you with no luck connecting.

Check the Android Nearby Devices permission for the Wyze app in Android Settings > Apps > Wyze (not the system-level permission).


Wow. Even though the app never asked for this permission, I turned it on and it immediately found the scale. I was able to add it back and measure just fine. Thank you for this. I guess I can return the Scale X when it arrives tomorrow.


No problem and I apologize for your frustration and the long, 2 week delay in providing a proper response. Android Nearby Devices is new permission group launched with the advent of Android 12+. Apparently, Wyze has not yet made the associated app changes to seamlessly accommodate this permission group for some Bluetooth-enabled Wyze devices. I’m not a Wyze employee, but I will see that this issue is brought to the developers’ attention. Thank you for pointing this issue out. :+1:


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It sounds like there is a known solution as described by Seapup and others users as fixing this. I’ll assume that means it doesn’t need to be reported in today’s fix-it-friday event anymore. If anyone is still having problems, try the above solution and let us know if it’s still not working for you.