Original Scale app Issues?

Cool. Nearby sharing definitely fixed it for me. Thanks folks


After other attempts to debug failed, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app. Luckily, this fixed the issue. I did not remove the scale from the app at any point.

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I think it should be noted that the devs need to add that permission as a requirement for the scales to work. Or at least a dialog message indicating to turn it on.

Also I got my Scale X today because FedEx was delayed a day. It setup just fine and now I’m wondering if I should keep it or return it since my original scale works fine.

I think any future scale needs to have a wifi option so it syncs over WiFi instead of having to have my phone nearby with Bluetooth on. That’s one of my only gripes with this scale.

The idea behind most brands using Bluetooth for scales is power consumption. Bluetooth only uses about 3milliamps of current, while WiFi is exponentially higher, thus making battery life die extremely fast.

Most brands avoid connecting battery IOT devices directly to a router because the batteries die fast. Most of them will have a hub or base station of some kind that plugs in and uses WiFi while the battery devices connects to the hub over Bluetooth still. So Wyze could create a scale that connects to a Hub which has WiFi. That would be a good option…allow people to connect either through Bluetooth to the phone directly, or a hub. Then nobody is forced to buy a hub, but those of us who want the convenience of WiFi would then have that option without impact to battery life. I like that idea.


Yes, that’s what I was also thinking could be an option. I had a FitBit Aria scale before the Wyze Scale and it was wifi and the battery lasted months. Zero issues connecting and I didn’t need my phone. It was way more convenient.

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