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Help! Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can fix this issue?

About a month ago, my scale X suddenly stopped working properly.

After reading my weight, my scale shows the error “…”

The app error message shows “Only Weight Measured.” and gives instructions to be barefoot, have wet feet, keep feet apart, and clean the surface.

I am doing all of those - as I was before to make it work for the first year I was using the scale/app.
I have changed batteries, uninstalled the scale, factory reset the scale, and tried on two different android phones.

I have asked Support for help but they only “The engineers are working on it.” They won’t replace it since it is over a year old either.

I would sincerely appreciate any support the forum can provide!

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Have you tried using the scale while your phone is connected? Open the wyze app to the scale device page, and it should say connected. When you step on the scale it will pop up and show the measurement live. If you do it this way, does it record the other info?

Also, make sure you are still standing on the scale when it shows the - - - -, as that’s usually when it’s measuring (at least on my scale S).

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Good ideas!

Holding the phone while looking at the WYZE app and standing super still one the scale, yes, I see the live updating of the weight … but still without the additional measurements.

Try cleaning the glass really good, I have seen where water spots and or debris disrupt the additional readings.

Make sure the pads on the bottom are free from debris as well. They collect a fair amount of gunk over time.

If you haven’t in awhile replace the batteries, even if they don’t show as low. Once replaced, put the scale on a flat surface, push the plate with your foot until the display comes on then wait for the display to go off (This recalibrates the scale) Then jump back on barefooted and see if it records the other metrics.

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