Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

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There have been some changes recently that have caused more confusion than they cleared up. But, there are many here in the forum who have worked thru those App UI changes and got things working again.

A couple questions about the specifics of your situation will help get you the correct answers you need faster:

  1. What cam type is this regarding? You mentioned updating the Firmware, what version?

  2. You posted to a topic about Notifications Suddenly Stopped Working. Are you experiencing a problem with this? Please reply with specifics.

  3. Are you currently subscribed to a Wyze Subscription on that cam (CamPlus Lite, CamPlus, CamPlus Pro)

  4. Are you using a Micro SD Card in your cam?

  5. Is your issue with the loss of Cloud Recorded Event Videos in the Events Tab of the App -OR- is it that pressing the View Playback bar or Playback icon gives you a pop-up regarding SD cards?

Reply back with specifics so we can get you back to recording and watching your cam video again.

Are we really back here again? Day 3 of ZERO notifications. We just went thru this from January to May. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult in 2022 to have a service that actually works.

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Please Help Me too.

  1. V2 Cam and V3 Cam

  2. Cameras on CamPlus with every type of notification enabled to be pushed to iphone. BUT I am not receiving “Detects Any Other Motion” push notifications ( but the notifications are in the app ), I am only getting push notifications for “Wyze AI Events”. This happened on it’s own, no settings changed by me. It’s also been a about over 3 weeks now.

  3. I have a subscription to CamPlus for both cameras.

  4. I am using in Micro SD card in both cameras.

  5. Issue is not receiving push notifications for “Detects Any Other Motion” but when I open the app, the notifications are there.

When I move the camera to CamPlusLite, all push notifications start to work again.

I have a lot of Log numbers posted in these threads for you to look at… here are two fresh ones as I got A LOT of other “motion” notifications today that were not pushed.
For the V3 - 604812. For the V2 - 604817.

Please help. There are multiple posts of people having the same problem.

I had to turn off all the settings for person pet vehicle ect to get notifications for other movements…that fixed my problem so now I am getting all movement . When these are turned on it would record the video but not send a notification. When those are on it looks for only those situations to notify you. I want all movement so I turned them off

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I turned everything off the same as you and have been relying on just the standard motion for notifications for several months now. It seems like anything to do with the A.I. messes up the notifications.

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I don’t know that I can help. I believe Wyze has been fiddling with the rabbit ears again and reception has gone bad (so to speak). IOW some recent app, FW or cloud change has caused this problem. It has been reported on many threads across the forum as you already know.

I am not experiencing any notification issues. I have 12 cams on CamPlus with notifications ONLY for various combinations of Smart AI. I do record all motion events to the cloud, but I have notifications off for these and filter them out in my events page.

BUT… I also have been militant about not updating my Android app or FW, so I am on old versions.

My suggestion would be for everyone with this issue to carpet bomb the Fix it Friday Thread with a full detailed description of the problem and workaround, log numbers, list all dates and times w\time zone of all missed notifications, and how long this has been going on. Then, vote for each other’s post by liking it.

I think I understand that you are getting Motion Only EVENTS, but no push notifications for these.

One thing that many old timers advocate before moving forward that might help:

  1. Toggle all settings off
  2. Clear the cache in the app
  3. Force close the app
  4. Clear the cache for that app on the OS
  5. Restart the app and login
  6. Toggle all settings on
  7. Sign out of the app, close, reopen, sign in.
  8. Test test test

Can’t guarantee any results, but worth a try.

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Which is opposite the problem @db2 is having. But, notifications for Motion Events and Smart AI Events are separate settings. So, with both on you should get notified of every single video.

Also realize that if the AI takes longer than 6 seconds to identify, there will be no Smart AI Notification. CamPlus videos can be up to 5min.

Just an update for all the resent posters who have been dealing with notifications not being pushed for events recorded on the Events Tab. This has been an active complaint going way back to the original Fix-it Friday Topic months ago and one I was very vocal about (the 6 second AI limit resulting in no notification - absurd random limit) on several threads… Which has yet to be fixed\changed.

At any rate, it did already make an appearance in this month’s Fix-it Friday. Here is the first update response from Wyze:

So, it looks like Jason is asking for feedback by posting a reply to him over there, quoting the problem header so he knows the issue to which you are responding, and providing the info requested.

Good luck!

Isn’t the problem with the AI event notifications??

Shouldn’t the title read…

Reddit - Wyze Cams on Cam Plus are only receiving the standard motion-only notifications and not Wyze AI notifications

That’s how is it for me anyway. Everything works perfect with cam plus turned off.


Hence my last reply to you:

The majority of the issues reported to Wyze have been in the lack of motion only notifications.

However, your situation is also not without precedence as @ShardlowM has also indicated: Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes - #412 by ShardlowM as well as @mikelapointe: Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes - #411 by mikelapointe and others above.

My previous experience with notification latency and absence was of the AI variety and was caused by the slowness in processing on the AI servers. It was not a 100% blackout of notifications, but rather a selective absence of about 55% of my notifications: all those that took over 6 seconds to successfully interrogate for AI objects. As of yet, this has not been changed or improved. I still miss AI notifications on a regular basis.

The variety of the notification problems isn’t really the focus. That there are losses in notifications, regardless of which ones, is the point.

So, the door has been opened by Wyze and all have been invited in that thread to reply back to Jason with the specifics of your particular issue with notifications not being delivered. They need complete info though: app version, FW version, screenshots of settings, times and dates with time zone of events not notified so they can pull them from the server and investigate, when it started, steps you took to mitigate…etc.

I know it’s a lot to put together, but if no one steps in to do that, it likely won’t be fixed.

Yep. I foolishly made a ticket and sent my logs and never heard from them after that. I only get Person, Sound and Pet notifications. But there’s this:

And then I get this when I try to toggle anything (I’m already a Cam Plus subscriber):

I’m basically clueless.


Just click on the top right x, and you should be able to see your subs.

Exactly. I’m already subscribed. The app says otherwise. Wyze won’t get back with me so I’ve given up.

I bought this camera over the weekend and am having the same issue. I get notification of Cam Plus AI events but nothing for motion. It does record both events but only notice on AI. I turned off AI notices and yes the motion then gave notice, but now I’m missing the even more important notice of person. Using IOS Iphone 11 pro and just 1 V3 camera.

Any updates on a fix for this??


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Update, I added a SD card and had to power off camera. Sometime after that I started receiving notifications on both motion and AI events. No settings to do with notifications were changed, it just decided to start working again. Clearly a bug in the system somewhere.

Log ID: 625716

Hey! Realizing this is super late (this is @WyzeJasonJ’s platform that I nosily poke my head into occasionally lol) but just wanted to mention that the 6-second limitation’s fix came via Fix-It Friday and rolled out on April 5th. So any remaining issues are unrelated. The team is still digging to figure out what could be causing what’s posted here - logs and etc are greatly appreciated!


Great! Thanks for the update! I haven’t looked at my logged notifications since that time, but now that it is official I will take a look and compare to the last 14 days of AI events and post back with the % accuracy.

Jan thru April - no notifications.
Then it worked for 3 weeks or so.
Notifications have been down again for over a month.
Anyone else STILL having this issue?

I have 2 Wyzecam 2’s. One stopped throwing notifications about 6 weeks ago and now the other has gone as well. We use these as baby/toddler sleep monitors, so huge dropoff in usefulness without notifications. I can’t believe they can’t get this fixed. Pretty disappointed in a company I was a big believer in.