No video at the selected time? 😡 Fourteen cameras are now literally useless!

Are those “OG” cams?

Yes the issue is on the OG don’t matter if it high endurance or not I have tried cheap and the high endurance don’t matter. There’s a problem with the latest update before that it work fine. I’m using this in all my 10 wyze cam and all is fine except the 2 OG ON THE latest app

I have 2 OGs. They are WAD (working-as-designed). Video shows the one with 1.0.80 firmware displaying microSD card for approx 1:30…

EDIT: Video has been deleted.

I too had random issues in the early Wyze day but I switched all Cameras (28 now of all Wyze Cam types) to The SanDisk Extreme PRO which are Extreme Performance rated and I’ve not had any issues since. I use these cards in my GoPro’s, my Drones, etc. They just work.

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