No sound audio in playback of v3 floodlights

Well, it could have been operator error when I tried to hard fix the problem. After all, I was doing the reset on top of the floodlight which was a pain. I will try it again. However, this time I will completely remove the camv3 and try the hard fix next to my modem. I will have to use one of my old non wyze sd card, since the camv3 ejected my wyze sd card and I am unable to find it. Again, this was another pain in the a$$. Anyway, I will give it another try. What do I have to lose.

So, I finally had a chance to remove the camv3 from one floodlight. I loaded the demo_wcv3_4.36.10.3406.bin file
onto the camv3. I proceeded to insert sd card back into camv3. Pressed setup for 3-6 seconds. The light on camera never turned purple. However, camera light eventually turned blue. Since, I had camv3 next to modem, I started to record in playback mode. Then, I played back recording. Audio / video was fine. This tells me camv3 is working fine and not an issue. So, I reconnected camv3 to the floodlight. Once again, I proceeded to record in playback mode. However, this time, no audio was recorded but video was fine. This tells me that the issue is with the floodlight or I have to go to an earlier firmware version. I don’t have all day to troubleshoot wyze equipment. Isn’t that the job of their IT Dept. I agree IT should repair this firmware issue.

Ok. Did my final troubleshooting regarding this issue.
Attached an earlier firmware version file
demo_wc3_4.36.9.139. to sd card which was put into camv3. Like previous file able to record in playback mode and got audio/video while camv3 was next to modem. (See video with audio tone from my bedroom.) But, no audio heard during recording in playback mode when camv3 is connected to floodlight. ( See video with no audio).

Uploading: 1684761373.mp4…

You never flashed the new firmware if it didn’t turn purple. You just factory reset the camera which keeps the firmware. I did everything while it was still attached and can confirm its working.

If the light never turned purple you didn’t flash the firmware at all, so you called me a liar and didn’t even do it right ? SMH… so the long file you’re talking about needs unzipped, there is a bin file in there that’s the only thing you need to put on the SD Card. First you need to format the card in Fat32 and make sure it’s a 32gb card. Then put just that file on there and then do the setup process. No purple light = no flashing of the firmware all you did was restart your camera lol.

Anyway I as well had issues getting my camera into the purple light (flash firmware) mode because I was renaming the file with .bin at the end and windows already has the extension on it that step isn’t necessary. I described it quite extensively and even put instructions and a picture of what your sd card should look like with just that file on there. You have to make sure you check the settings when you’re looking at your sd card windows doesn’t by default show extensions you have to turn it on. I’ll link the thread here for you, if you follow that you will get the flashing to work and have audio again just like me TomPickles and Jdonnell.

I could not do everything with the camera on the floodlight because; my on/off switch is in the house which makes it difficult to stand on a ladder, press setup button for 3-6 seconds while turning power switch on located 10ft away from me. So, I dont know how you were able to juggle your situation.

First of all, I didnt call you a “liar.” I said, you were providing misinformation. I followed the instructions provided and its obvious there is a step or two missing. There has to be a reason my lights just flash from red to blue and never display purple. Yes, I can admit it may be operator error. However, something is missing here. Oh, if you are offended because you think I called you a “liar,” I apologize. This situation is just ridiculously frustrating.

Listen man I’m not offended at all but you legit said you didn’t believe me at all so that means I must have been lying but let’s move passed that.

So you know I’ve now done this to 2 flood lights / cameras. I have one on the back of my house and front and they both had this same problem and it fixed both so it definitely works going back to mays firmware.

  1. Put the sd card into your computer, download a program called SD Format you can find it on google or there is a sub forum on reddit for wyze that is helpful I’ll also link it.

  1. If it’s an old sd do a full format, quick will work for a new one.

  2. Download mays firmware (you probably have it already) and open the zip file and move just the .bin file to the sd card do not rename it like the instructions say to do (this was my mistake when I was having issues the instructions are outdated).

  3. Power off your cam (I also have my light elevated and on a switch I just made my wife do the switching lol, I did my second one on a ladder, I found the cord leading into the flood light can be removed not the end in the camera but the other end) insert your sd card.

  4. Push down and hold the setup button while powering your cam back on, within 3-6 seconds the light should go purple, give it about 5 minutes, when it’s returned to flashing red you should be good. Mays firmware requires you remove the cam and re add it again so you will have to delete the cam from your app, then re add it like it was brand new out the box again.

If you follow those steps to a T I promise your cam will flash to the firmware.

In this link I have a picture up that shows what your file should look like on the sd card no need for anything but the .bin file (my icon may look different then yours as my zipped files are handled by winrar but nonetheless it should say demo_wcv3.bin) :

Ok. I will give it another shot. You said download bin file only. Well, that could have been one of my “operator error” issues because I dragged and dropped the entire MACOSX folder which contained the demo_wcv3.bin file onto the sd card. I thought by dragging and dropping folder, the folder would automatically extract the file onto sd card. I will try it tomorrow and let you know what happens. Let me take a quick bite of some humble pie for now.

Yea the download comes with a macos folder or whatever you don’t need that or the bin file in there, there should be a bin file and that folder in the download. Just move the main bin file over to the sd card by itself. Don’t even need to rename it. Just turn show extensions on inside that window it’s up in the menus somewhere depending on what version of windows your computer is on.

I will attach a picture of what the contents of my sd card looked like.

Also just to reiterate, there are 2 bin files when you download mays firmware. One is in that MACOSX folder you’re talking about I didn’t use that one.

There should be another one outside that MACOSX folder I used that one. I’m sure it probably makes a difference, not sure what the MACOSX folder or the bin file inside it are for but they were not necessary for me to flash firmware.

As you can see in the picture I didn’t copy that folder over at all or the bin file inside it. Just the one before that, it was in the downloaded zip outside or next to the MACOSX folder.

Ok. I finally completed the list you provided and all I can say is; YOU DA MAN! Just want to thank everyone who participated and provided information which helped resolve this problem. Again, I apologize to all who I may have called out of your name. It really pays to eat a plate of humble pie once in awhile. It keeps you grounded.

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It’s great that it is possible to patch this issue by using an old firmware version. I for one am going to hold my breath a little longer for Wyze to properly fix this. HELLO WYZE? FIX THIS ALREADY!

Awesome man !!! Don’t even sweat the other stuff, I’m glad you were able to fix it, trust me it frustrates me to no end to audio and video on the sd is one of the main reasons I chose wyze.

Being able to have those cams on the free lite plan with human ai detection, then being able to play back any time of the last few days I want having both audio and video. It’s what separates wyze from the other companies if you ask me. Especially for the price point they’re at.

I recently got a Cam OG from wyze (fun fact they are not eligible for the free lite plan) and I bought plus for it which I never would have done if I wasn’t so happy with their free options on my other cams. It was 20 bucks for the whole year I figured whatever. It has a host of other ai detections to and a built in spot light. Impressed with it so far.

I have a wyze pan (idk what version) that I intend on trying next when I figure out where I want it. I guess it follows motion by moving “panning” around. Should be fun to tinker with next. Enjoy man I hope they fix this issue soon though so we don’t have to keep running a years old firmware.

Well, $20 is a great deal. I agree Wyze definitely gives more bang for your buck. I have lots of Wyze products because their price point is on point. Again, thanks for your help.

I agree, the topic has been viewed 500 times, nearly 40 replies, has forum moderators on it and is two months old just about.

Not sure what we have to do in order to get some attention on the matter but it needs resolved. If I have to quit updating my cam and basically just deal with not getting updates maybe I should start looking into other companies at this point.

I purchased 2 floodlight combos, maybe we just need to give them more time idk sure is frustrating having all these features on some of my cams but not my floodlight cams. It even tells you due to security issues you have to reset the camera to install mays firmware so we obviously took a major step back in security by doing this workaround.

Wyze needs to fix or compensate.

Hard to believe this has been an ongoing issue since April and it still hasn’t been fixed

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Agreed :+1:

I never really view the playback but occasionally I’ll view it to see what it recorded and sure enough the playback on the v3 floodlight camera doesn’t have sound

Yes, the sound icon is turned on . It is green , but I can’t hear anything.

V3 FW is
Floodlight FW is
App Verizon is v2.42.5 (294)