No Motion Detection on V2

I don’t understand most of what you wrote, but:

  • was released on July 21 (6 months ago).
  • was released on September 8.
  • was released on November 10.
  • was released on December 20 (current version).

All are available as far as I know.

And I still have V2s with (November 15, 2019) still working with the servers and Legacy Person Detection. Tested as of just a minute ago.

In multiple years with many cameras I have never had problems with a firmware update, but I always use the individual update (device settings > Device Info > Firmware) and not the Bulk update that you show. I have no experience with the Bulk update.


For troubleshooting I’d start at 100%, then back off from there once things are working. Without camplus the camera will have a 5 minute cool time time between events.



I took the plunge and updated my V2 firmware.
It is the latest version available to this V2. version is .501. no other firmware available through Wyze app.

I restart app, review all settings, and have to do a sd card format as Wyze detects no SD card.

Check all detections setting. All are inplace set to ON

I went in front V2 and wave.

:notes::notes::notes::notes:It does give an 12 sec motion detected event and notification. Was excited but hope this will be consistent.

half hour later, I went out again and wave.
V2 detected person this time. and provided a 12sec clip on event detection page.

I have to say it seems the Firmware upgrade fixed the issue so far.

I will monitor V2 fir next few days. Hope We finally fixed it.

thank you very much.

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Went out this morning

stand in front cam wave

No. events

tried 10 minutes later

no events

So, conclusion is not firmware neither.

Unless someone else comes up with an idea, you’ll probably need to contact the support number above on Monday.

Nothing new, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time - motion events randomly stop being captured (except on the local SD card) and just as randomly start again. No amount of intervention has any effect, you just have to wait around until it mysteriously decides to start working again just as it mysteriously decided to stop.

It is Wyze doing. nothing mysterious.

Just hope Wyze fix their server for non CAM-Plus users.

Yall sure the the date selected on the “Events” page is the current day? IIRC, sometimes, it selects the previous day by some sorta default or holdover… which makes it appear that there are no videos for today.

This appears to be a usability bug.

Can’t speak for anyone else but in my case I’ve gone as long as 13 days without anything logged under the ‘events’ tab for any day but there are hundreds of video clips on the SD card for the same period. It’s not a usability bug, but rather a problem on the Wyze server side.

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Most Wyze user may not notice they do not have notifications if their installation is in a remote location or less traffic area.
Otherwise, you may see more write up here.
I notice the no retection problem because my neighbor’s cat come often.

I unplugged my v2 . replugged in today.
did a few restarts.
I tested and there is detection. I am happy.


like a few occasions last few days, I thought it is fixed.


the no detection problem came back in few hours later.

Until the detection consistently for next few weeks
I would say the issue has not been fixed for me. as Legacy V2.

I still think Wyze is working hard. but no announcement.

Detection Not workng again?

Did Wyze changed their detection alogrithm??

I don’t think so. I have no issues with the legacy person detections. I have 2V2s in the basement, 2 in the backyard, 1 for the front yard (inside a window) and 2Pans in the garage set for PD. I have 2 V3s on cam plus for the front yard. No issues either.

May I ask what are your settings in event page for V2s

My Asus had an firmwaren update recently with router wide DoT .
Wonder if Wyze encoded DNS is the problem. It wonzt connect to questionable DNS.

I also discovered another bug.

See pic

I went to wave at camera.

no detection nor notification
but under Playback you can see ACT is the actual clip of the motion.

I set to capture events only not continuously.

Now the bug.

tge pic us shiwing #2 blue segment yet it was not any motion. it sarted when I enter Live view and then goes ti playbavk etc.

no file in that segment.

Person filter applied in this photo:

Legacy section:

All my cams (13) are on continuous recording since day 1. I’ve tried recording events only on one or two cameras before, but it didn’t work well. Most of my cards are 64-128GB.

Edit: My wife has just come out.

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Every setting is same except I have all other motion events ON.
I will try.

btw, you must have CAM Plus
you have that person detection page that I do not have.

No detection after changing settings

So far, Without CAMplus, it is no detection. nor Notifications.

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The events posted are from v2s with legacy person detection only. The settings are from a cam on legacy person detection. Not related to CamPlus.

You don’t have these settings? It reminds me something:

Either way, it has nothing to do with your problem. It’s only to choose which cameras will work on legacy person detection. In your case your camera does not detect any event.

If your talking about this CamPlus setting, if I click on it, it is a blank screen.


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It’ll sound silly to you, but I once had a V3 that no longer recorded events even though it had the same settings, same firmware as my other one. To fix this problem, sound detection had to be enabled. When I disabled it, no records, enabled it recorded. This weird issue has been resolved by itself with the next firmware update.

Try enabling sound detection…:face_with_monocle:

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The second event is within the 5 minute timeout period. You will not get legacy person detection or cloud recording/notification within 5 minutes of a previous notification without camplus.

I tried sound detection and Notification.

Nope, no detection /notification.
but it captured in sd card.

Only differences so far those who has no issues are CAMplus users

Non-CAMplus user like mine is out .

Tried many different ways.

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