Cannot find person detection(legacy) settings in iOS V2.24.34

The last time I set the person detection (pilot), it was under services. It is not there anymore and cannot find it somewhere in iOS v2.24.34. Does it has been removed? Yet it still works…

Look two options down from “Services,” it now is labeled as “Person Detection (Legacy).” Oddly enough, on the next screen it goes back to calling it “Person Detection (Pilot).”

I don’t have it.

Here’s what mine looks like.


What is the version of the application?

Same as you (2.24.34). Perhaps b/c your in Canada? I’m grasping at straws here lol.

That would surprise me. Another Wyze mystery…

Do you have the beta firmware on any of your cameras? Personally, I do not. I don’t have “Facial Recognition” as a option either but you seem to.

Yes but it works great on my assigned cameras. Only the settings are missing.

Must be a bug. Sometimes I feel like Wyze needs to slow down with moving and changing the options menu.

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Could be. I can only assigned 1 camplus licence even if I have 2 tonight. It was working great the last time I did but not tonight… I check one cam and the screen step back right after. Will try tomorrow.

Just installed the new beta v2.24.35 with no person detection(legacy) setting and my CamPlus reassignment works only for 1 cam.

I have the settings in V2.23.16. They are gone since 2.24.21.

Recent change / fix noticed and discussed at

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I don’t understand why I don’t have this setting anymore as @tmcb82 has? He told me he used the same application version. All my V2 and Pans are settled with person detection(legacy) and works well. If I want to remove it for a cam, how do I do it?

I think you’re supposed to use the web GUI for Services?

No, it is only for paying the service if I want. Yesterday, I have downloaded another version of the application 2.23.x (2-3 months old) and I have removed the cam I wanted. As I said, I am a legacy user and never lost this function. It is always working but I don’t see the settings for this function since version 2.24.x.

They brought back the settings in the new update 2.24.52 that just came out :+1:.

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