No Events Found

I have CamPlus Lite.
Detection Motion is toggled ON for all of my cameras.
And I have cleared all Event Filters.

I am notified of motion events, but
the Events Tab always say No events Found :wink:

Any suggestions?

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Make sure that your App is the most up to date version.

Iā€™m not sure how many cams you have on CPL, but if you are getting a Push Notification for your cam, there should be an event associated with that notification.

When you click on the incoming notification, what happens? Does it try to launch the Event Viewer to play that 12s video?

Have you tried selecting every checkbox in the events filters page for all cams and event types rather than clearing them? Make sure the checkbox for Motion at the very bottom is checked.


Thanks for the quick and thoughtful suggestions.
Updating the software app solved my problem :slight_smile:


Awesome! They just released the new app today! Glad it had what you needed to reset your Events tab!

This is great news. you may want to Mark @SlabSlayer suggestion as a solution for others. :slight_smile: