No Events Found...unless I select Cam Plus Only Filters

I’ve viewed several event clips yesterday that my cameras recorded. This morning I went to check to see if anything happened last night and found “No Events Found”. It seems all the clips I had the previous day were gone. So far no events are listed for today either.

I went through all the troubleshooting suggestions: ensure no filters, restart/unplug camera, cam plus un-assigned/assigned, clear cache, logout, etc.

I then randomly clicked the Cam Plus Person filter at the top left, and Events displayed.

I went to the filter button on the top right and selected all the Cam Plus Only Filters and now I see all my previous events from yesterday, as well as today.

Note, Events before 2/27 display just fine with no filters applied.

iOS: 17.3.1
Wyze: 2.49.2 (2)

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Same issue here.

I am having a similar issue with no events showing on the events tab of my apple, android and web apps. Very frustrating! It seems to have started a few days ago. Is it linked to new Faces feature??? No response on support ticket.