No Events under events tab last 12 hours

Sometime last night it looks like no events are being recorded under the Events Tab.
I have gotten multiple notices on the phone. I can go to any camera and view the playback of the event video. But nothing is appearing under the EVENTS TAB. The events tab has been working very well up until sometime last evening. Now, no events.
Affects all 4 cameras.
All videos are viewable in VIEW PLAYBACK in each camera.
Cameras are set to record on MOTION, and all respond to motion with a notice on the phone.
The FILTERS are correct.
I am on the correct day.
I’ve cleared the CACHE.
Restarted the app.
I have CAM PLUS on all the cameras.

That is weird, I just checked my cameras and am experiencing the same thing. No events since when I came home at 10 last night on my driveway and porch cameras. I have several cats and one dog that trip my events every night…Gonna reboot everything and see what happens

Local storage and cloud storage are operated seperately from eachother. You said you are getting app notifications of motion? But nothing is showing in the event tab? I would triple check the filters and actually remove them all for troubleshooting because you get app notifications of an event because there are event clips being uploaded to the cloud. If you remove all filters and refresh the event tab, do the events show up?

Yes. I removed all filters, except number of cameras, and the events show. They also show with MOTION, SOUND and PERSON.
Two filters that killed the events listings were VEHICLE and PACKAGE.
In my confusion, I was thinking the event list would SHOW the things that were selected like MOTION, PERSON, etc. OR Does and event need to comply with ALL the filters to be recorded in the list?
And I’m thinking VEHICLE and PACKAGE options just showed up recently.
Looking further (hell, it’s only more time, right) does this have anything to do with enabling Wyse AI events under the notification setup for the cameras and now I get VEHICLE and PACKAGE filters?
Thank you for solving my issue!!

I removed the filters and still no events, I have the Plus storage for this camera. Was all fine 2 days ago. Nothing under events but can see as usual on playback option.

Welcome to the forums! The local storage and cloud storage are operated seperately with their own set of settings.

With the cloud events, do you get notifications? Or no events and no notifications? What are your event recording settings for the camera in question? Anything happen two days ago that you know of? App update or firmware update maybe?

I had notifications on but didn’t have push enabled on my phone, so no notifications. Detection is set to all day, detect motion. Last app update was 4/9, last event shows up 4/13 at the start of the day around 2 AM CST. Firmware shows up to date. Version

Thanks for all the info!

So it’s working now? Have you restarted the camera lately?

Still not working. I restarted it earlier today.

Fixed it. Had to delete it from the app and re add it.

Similar but different issue: Just now was looking for a package delivery on Wed. The only events in the timeline are from about 9pm to midnight. That’s the same for multiple days and all cameras.
I just double checked and removed filters.
Plus, event recording is set to all day.
Note: present day shows full day of events, but past that, seems to only show 9pm to midnight

By “timeline” do you mean “event tab”? “Timeline” is commonly used wording when talking about sd card local storage, just wanting to make sure we are dealing with only the event tab/cloud recording here.

The 9p to midnight events that are shown, is it a total of 20 events that you see? If you go to the Wednesday where you were looking, scroll to the bottom them pull up on the bottom of the event tab, do more videos populate? Are you getting event notifications all day, not just 9p to midnight?

Yes, Event Tab.
Yes 20 events.
Yes, getting notifications all day.
I guess 20 is the max events?
If that is the case, what would be the best method to look back on a previous day to…say…see if a package was delivered in the afternoon?

Delete the visible events or try this:

The motion is similar to pulling down on a web page to refresh it on a mobile device, but you’re pulling up from the bottom of the events tab to show more events. Does this do anything?

Ah, not a flick up but more of a pull and hold up, and more showed up.
Android device.


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