Events tab

I have the outdoor cameras and using the app on an android phone. I get the push notification of an an event, I can click on that notification and it will take me to the recording. I see the red dot on the events tab in the app, I click on my events tab and it says"nothing to see here". I have no recordings on any of the days. This is worked in the past, how do I fix this problem?

Remove all your filters that may be applied in the event tab. Refresh and see if they show up. Did they appear?

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Can you tell me how remove filters? I have not put any on. I did slide the screen down to refresh and still no recordings.

Click off the bubbles on the top of the event tab. Here I don’t have any filters enabled.

The “person” bubble takes me to “cam plus” info when I click on it. It will not let me unclick it but the motion and 4 cameras button will.

Click the Screenshot_20210308-180205~2 then click clear all, or make sure all are unchecked.

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That worked, thank you so much! Wish the app was more user friendly.

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