Nite lites used to sync, now one won’t

I’ve had the lights for awhile & have synced after charging many times w no problems.

Now one light is refusing to sync with the other two. The other two work just fine.

Any thoughts?


Interesting, are you able to sync it with just one of them, if the other ones off, or it just flashes until eventually failing?

I’m experiencing the exact same issues –
I have 3 night lights that used to all sync fine. Now, two sync but one will not sync. It will flash until it fails regardless of which other ones are on.
Is there any way to reset these?

You may have already done this, but I’ll say it anyway because it often helps some people:

After making sure they’re all charged, bring them all close together. Turn them all off, then turn them all to auto at the same time. Then while they’re all close, test to make sure they are synced. If so, redeploy them where you want them, then test again.

If that’s not working, it is indicative that one of them might have just had something in it wear out.