Wyze Night Light Syncing/Linking Issue

Is anyone else having issues linking all lights? I bought 2 3-packs and so I have 6 lights. I can get 5 to link up, but not all 6. Is there any way to reset the link or start linking over?

If you turn them all to the off position (pairing resets), then turn them all back on to the Auto position they should sync up together. A re-sync if you will.

I place them all together on their side with the switch up so I can just flip the switches quickly. The lights will pulse then shut off once synced.

Info from the FAQ Page

What are the different modes?

On: The light will always be on.

Off: The light will be turned off and the paired network will be reset.

Auto: Light will automatically turn on and both the dusk-to-dawn sensor and motion sensors are on.

How do you setup link feature?

Group use: To pair Wyze Night Lights together, switch all devices to Auto. You can pair up to 10. In the first 30 seconds, the device enter pairing mode and blink. After 30 seconds, the night lights should be paired and blinking will stop.

Individual use: Switch the device to Auto and wait for 30 seconds to end pairing mode.

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Also, make sure you test in a dark room. The lights will not necessarily light if they are in a lit room. Depends on how dark they think it is.

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I have 6 and one wont sync up and I placed them all on a cookie tray together and turn them all on the same time to AUTO.