Night Light won't pair or group

A set of three night light, not pairing - attempted several times.
All set to Auto, flashing together for 30 sec, but each one works individually, not as a group.

I didn’t have this problem. I turned them all off and then I turned two of them to Auto and waited for them to stop blinking. At those point the two were linked.

I set the third one to Auto and it blinked by itself (the others were already set up and weren’t modified.

If give it another try.

When I set up the lights in groups, they pair fine… but then one of the lights will drop out of the group within a few days, and I have to reset the whole group.

If a light discharges (see the threads on the very limited battery life), it forgets its grouping, and i have to reset.

An unusually non-robust product compare to other Wyze products.