Night Light 2022 - won't pair with previous generation

Heads up to everyone - Wyze has updated the Wyze Night Light to a “2022” version which won’t link with any other version. To make matters worse, they are doing mixed shipments of the old (2021 and older) with new (2022) and Wyze Support representatives are being told by Tier 2 techs that they *will link."

So, I ordered a Wyze Night Light - Six Pack. Single item, $39.98.


What arrived in the box were two Wyze Night Light - 3 packs. One pack had a tiny “2022” notation next to the name and other pack was absent this note.

I already had six lights in use over two rooms. This new Six Pack was destined for the stairway. I had a frustrating time getting the new ones to link, with a couple of them even doing an odd rapid flash. That’s when I began looking at the instructions and noticed that the instructions differed between the two packs.

The 2022 Wyze Night Light pack instructions state:


  1. Wyze Night Light 2022 version CANNOT be linked with previous 2021 version."

Kind of a drag but I understand that progress, development and supplier change could cause this to happen with restock. However, shipping out two versions that won’t link together for a single order “Six-Pack” is bad, especially with the Wyze Night Light Product Page touting that “up to 10 night lights can be linked together.”

To further complicate the issue, the three lights in the 2022 pack won’t all link properly even to themselves: two lights are Date Code 2230 and the third is Date Code 2229. The two 2230 (2022) will link together with a rapid flash. The 2229-2022 light will just slowly flash until it times out. Neither the 2230-2022 and 2229-2022 lights link with the previous 2021 as shipped, nor the other six I already own. The 2021 from this shipment successfully link with my older six for six totals units in the stair.

Should be an easy fix with support, right? Not so much. First was the chat… we just weren’t making it anywhere and he seemed to be more AI in the responses, they were so non-specific, even though I had already been sent to a live agent. I reached out via phone. The young lady finally seemed to understand after initially stating they would “replace the one light that won’t pair with anything,” she then said they would “take care of it.”

However, the last email that I received states: “My technical team assures me that the 2022 should link with any previous version.” What??

I replied and we’ll see how it goes.
Either way, Beware the Night Lights unless you plan to only buy one 3-pack and never any more to link:

  • The newest version won’t link with older versions,
  • Wyze is shipping out mixed shipments of versions together,
  • Support Reps don’t seem to understand this at all.

This is a great informative post. Thank you for taking the time to share what you learned and what you experienced with this update. I will say that I wasn’t aware of any of this either, so what you’ve shared has been very helpful and appreciated.

Please keep us up to date about replies from support in getting this resolved for you. If it doesn’t seem to get resolved, please post a copy of your support ticket number(s) in here so one of us volunteers can pass that on to someone to look into. We do need to give regular support a chance to resolve it normally first though.


Could I have your ticket number so I can look into this and make sure they have the proper information?


Sure thing. 2918498

I received a shipping notice for one 3-pack. If this ends up being a 2021 or earlier version, I’m good. If not, I’m still stuck with a mixed shipment of 2021 and 2022 in a single “Six-Pack” that won’t link together per instructions.

Thanks, Jason!


Thank you, I will get this looked into.


I received a three-pack for the old style so I will be able to link. Thanks to all for advice and help.

In the meantime, the PSA is still valid. Be aware of what you receive : there is confusion at the mothership over which night lights will sync and mixed groups are in inventory.


I am glad you were taken care of, thanks for letting me know, I am working with the support team to make sure everyone has the proper information so thank you for bringing it to my attention.