Wyze night lights stop linking?

I have six Wyze night lights I bought half a year ago. They still turn on manually and automatically just fine. However, it seems they gradually stopped being able to link. They could all link when I bought them, but now none of them can link.

I’ tried the following:

  1. Fully charged all lights.
  2. Toggled them off, on, then off again.
  3. Placed them next to one another, then set them all to Auto at once.
  4. They quickly flash 3 times in 1 second, then remain dark.

At this point the motion sensor for any individual light turns it on, but none of the other lights turn on at the same time. Basically, the linking feature seems dead in all the lights. How can I fix this?

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Hi @thalassicus

I apologize for the issue and my delay in seeing this. I would recommend reaching out to support to see if they can help you.


Hi. I’m having the same issue with a set of three brand new light (2022).
What is the solution please?