Multiple night-lights no longer syncing, seeing three quick blinks then off

I have two different sets (three lights per set) of Wyze Night Light; one from the first generation, and one from the last generation. This has been nice as I’ll sync the two sets independently (which is the only option) which works for the two separate paths that need to be lit.

In the last week (posting Apr 8 '23), I have one light from the older generation and two lights from the newer generation that won’t auto-sync with the other lights. When I set all three lights from one set to “AUTO”, the problematic lights will blink once, pause for longer than usual, quickly blink three times in succession, and then not blink again. I’ve tried searching for this specific “status” but can’t see any documentation suggesting what is wrong with these lights.

The problematic lights continue to automatically turn on when that specific light detects motion, but are no longer synced with the other lights from the set. Obviously I am looking for these to be synced with the other lights and would like to understand what this unique light status means.

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I don’t use the link feature on my lights because they need charged too often. But, here are some shots at troubleshooting steps…

  • Make sure the ones marked 2022 aren’t mixed with the previous ones.

  • When you pair the old set, turn the new ones off to test this and vice versa. I am wondering if the incompatible signal from one set might be interfering with the other set.

  • Pair them sitting next to each other fully charged.

  • Turn all of them off, then all to on and let them set a moment (factory reset). Then all to Auto to pair.

Here is a post that described issues a user had with the new nightlights:

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@advertisechase Did you ever find out what caused the issue? Did you find a resolution?
I am having a quick blink issue myself. I think mine is blinking 4 times, but it is so quick I may not be counting correctly.

Same thing is happening here.

Switch to auto and the light blinks 4 times. Motion sensor continues to work but light won’t pair to any other lights.

Both my lights are the 2022 version.
These lights used to be paired together.

This issue started when I turned them off to charge.
One of them goes to pairing mode but the other blinks 4 times and won’t pair to any other light.