Wyze bulb after pairing

Once paired does the switch have to be always on? After I paired it successfully and I was testing it after 3x on/off cycles it went into pairing mode again. Any way to stop that? If not may need to return them.

There currently is no way to stop that, although it has to be 3 on/off cycles within a set period. Sorry I do not know what that period is. I do have one of mine in a switch that gets turned off at sunrise and on at sunset and it works fine, however when you turn it on it can take a few minutes to connect back to wifi.

They are intended to be always on because they do draw a miniscule amount of power to stay connected to wifi.


This won’t happen unless you power-cycle 3 times within a very short period. I think it’s less than 30 seconds, but I don’t know the exact limit.

That’s all I need to know. Thanks!

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