Not sure where to give feedback on a product but here’s mine.

They work great illuminating a dark hallway or stairway where no light is avaialble (which is why I bought them). There are two lights. My suggesting is you allow somone to turn off one of the lights. At 3 in the morning, I would prefer the light only shine downward on the floor or stairs, not upward toward my eyes.

Hope this helps.


Just got 2 Packs yesterday…all charged up and ready to ALSO give feedback in a week.

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My first night with the Nite Light…I would have preferred a setting like a Traditional setting (light on/off with sensor) as I thought the Auto mode works this way. On my 2nd floor hallway the Auto setting activates when your trip the sensor. My hallway is Dark and I cannot see anything until the light trips (by then I can Trip on something)…So I purchased “2” 3 packs and they will be donated to GoodWill…back to using a LED Nite Light.

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Hello, in the interim, consider putting white tape over top light ( 1/2" white gaffers tape should work.

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As the night lights can be linked, perhaps place one at the entrance to your dark hallway or in the area you leave when you enter the hallway.
You can mask off the lights (top and bottom) if you want to use this one as a sensor only.
Just a thought


Agreed with @Dougal11 … they are linkable to prevent the very scenario you are describing. Did you not know how these were going to work when you bought them? Seemed pretty clear in the marketing materials.

I love my night lights. I want more.

I mounted mine at eye-level upside down (switch to the left). No glare and they trigger better.

This should be called a Security Night Light. A Nite Light is on during the nite and turns off once the sensor detects light. Why not have a setting for this? So I wasted $40.

I expect that would require far more frequent charging. A lot of exterior solar lights have 3 settings: On with motion only, On dim but brighter on motion, and on all night (or until dead). Most of them won’t make it through anything but a short summer night on the 3rd setting. Even on the second setting, a cloudy day or two and they are out of juice.

I have some nightlights that are normally dim but brighten on motion, but those are AC powered.

Agree…More of a Security Light then a Traditional Nite light.

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Philosophical question, does the light have to be on all the time to be considered a night light? i.e. if a night light falls in the woods and lights up, and there’s no one there to see it… is the light on?

So, does the light have to be on the entire time to be a night light? Can’t a self-regulated night light still be a night light?

Security light seems a bit much… the hallway outside my laundry room is certainly not protected by a security light in my view… a light comes on for me as I walk by when it appears to be night. Which makes it a night light to me.



Over the last week, I’ve used them in two separate areas where I don’t have power. 1. Down a dark hallway/stairwell. 2. Up a ladder that leads to a dark attic.

They don’t work well in the hallway/stairwell. The time delay to turn them on is too slow. I have to pause for them to turn on before I can actually proceed down the stairs.

They do work well in the attic. This is because as I’m climbing the ladder, I am moving slow enough to trigger the sensor on the lights and I do’nt have to pause.

So my initial impression is in some cases, these might work well. In others, not so much.

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Correct…in my hallway…this product does not work for me.

As these are linkable, one might be able to set an additional light further out at either end as the initial trigger for turning them all on, so that perhaps by the time one got to the second light at either end, they would all be on.

Before I got some (rather bright) AC powered night lights for my hallway and bathroom, I used some that used a PIR sensor, but they were mounted on a magnetic ball. Tilting the one mounted on the hallway ceiling toward the living room entrance to the hall triggered it for me in that case, but it only worked “early” when approaching from that direction (although I found that sufficient).

As an interesting side note
I tested them (3) linked, in my hallway.
Turns out the magnets in the lights are strong enough to attach to the head of a drywall screw/nail.
Not strongly; however, enough to test and identify “link” spacing before install.
Lights aren’t level due to screw/nail locations, still fun to try.

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Just an observation. I would like to see the angle of the sensor to be broader. It seems you have to walk directly into the narrow field of view to trigger. In the hallway I am almost in the light before it triggers. The light throws farther than that so putting one at each end of the hallway is overkill. The direct view is extremely far. I have one in my bathroom and it comes on when I move in my bed that is over 15 feet away!

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Who ever did the R&D on the light has no concept on lighting…I wonder is WYZE uses a Focus Group?

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Could easily spin sideways too, and they work fine like that as well!

All you ever do is post negative junk, just give up as no one cares to hear ambiguous stuff. They work as fully intended for me, and I LOV the linked ability to light up our stairs. So there!! lol.

That’s nice it works for you…I am looking for a Traditional Nite light as this product does not…No Big Deal and Live and Learn. Next Caller