Nite lights don't hold charge

I was really hoping these lights would be just the thing for our stairs. I like that they sync up - nice feature. The aspect I don’t like is the relatively short amount of time that the batteries hold a charge. It takes 6 or more hours to charge 'em and they’re dead in a week. I have other LED lights that last for weeks or a month.

Two things you can do to increase battery life on the night lights – Unpair them if possible (each light will still light up when it needs to), and try to minimize false motion trips.

I only got about 12 days with 2 lights leading to my bathroom paired. The problem was one was just outside the bathroom door, and it saw me tossing and turning in my bed all night. It would then tell the second light to activate via Bluetooth. Pretty inefficient, as they came on a LOT throughout the night.

So I moved the outside-the-door light inside the bathroom, and unpaired them. Less activations, and no Bluetooth transmissions. They still light when I get out of bed and follow me as I walk, so works well. I’m up to 43 days so far, and there are still a LOT of false motion trips.

I also put one in my garage on the side of my water heater to light my way to the car door. That one gets tripped an average of at least 4 times a day, but also isn’t paired. That one is 95 days and counting (over 3 months).

So see if you can think of a way to make them only light when necessary, and unpair them. Pairing is more of a gimmick than a necessity. :slight_smile:

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My three are not linked (once linked they should stay that way even when they need a charge, but that’s another Forum discussion) but they still only hold a charge for a week to 10 days. Changing location to a less traveled path defeats the purpose of having light where you go in the house in the dark!

These were a big favor for me. My second disappointment with Wyze products. Hope other new products work better. I like the hand vacuum and cameras.