Nightlight battery only lasts 2 weeks

I have 6 nightlights. The specs say the will run 85 days on a charge. I’m lucky if I get 2 weeks. I did read the FAQ, which said not to sync more than 3, and I had linked 4. So I changed to 3, and they still needed to be recharged in less than a month. I’m trying a few with no links, and 2 pairs of 2 links. But even that didn’t give me more than a month. These are a big disappointment so far, and I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and go back to plug-in nightlights.

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Specs quoted always seem to be under ideal conditions, like activations only a few times a day.

I got about 12 days with 2 lights leading to my bathroom linked. The problem was one was just outside the bathroom door, and it saw me tossing and turning in my bed. It would then tell the second light to activate via Bluetooth. Pretty inefficient, as they came on a LOT throughout the night.

So I moved the outside-the-door light inside, and unpaired them. Less activations, and no Bluetooth transmissions. They still light when I get out of bed and follow me as I walk, so works well. I got 39 days that next time, some of which was still under the old configuration. A good improvement.

This is the first cycle that is pure new configuration. Still counting the days.

I also put one in my garage on the side of my water heater to light my way to the car door. That one gets tripped at least a few times a day, but also isn’t paired. That one is 72 days and counting. So getting close to 85!

So see if you can think of a way to make them only light when necessary, and maybe unpair them. Pairing is more of a gimmick than a necessity.

Your lucky to get that much

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