Night light battery life

Bought 6 of the new night lights and have them in our hallway/stairway… We really like them but the battery life isn’t anywhere near as advertised… in sync mode, where they all light up together we are only getting 1 week of battery life… They talk about 80 hours… Well, 2 people in the house, they probably get tripped maximum 20 times per day or less… 30 seconds at a time is 10 minutes on, or 70 minutes for a week… not every close to 80 hours… anybody else having this problem?


Interesting we have 3 of them and we got about 18 days

Do your lights charge up all the way? Two of mine do, but with the other one…the red charging light never goes off. Must be something wrong with the battery. As a result, its battery life is quite a bit shorter. Doesn’t bother me too much…just something I noticed.

You have a bad battery in that 1 I would say,do a warranty replacement with wyze

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Mine, on auto, seem to last 3 days if I’m lucky. Would love to hear options other than warranty.