New Wyze hub software ( turns hub into a brick

I haven’t noticed issue because for some time because I haven’t added new sensors. Then I tried…

OH NO………crackle speaker of death?

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I am also on my second hub. Although I have 50 sensors I currently have only 17 connected. Too risky to connect more as I have to reset the hub and re-add them all after a sensor fails to add. Waiting for a software upgrade before changing anything. Looking for new solutions while waiting. I have also stopped recommending Wyze due to this issue and V3 Cam AI issues. I have 16 Wyze cams. Hopefully they will fix the hub issues. I see an AI improvement is being planned.

I stopped recommending Wyze too until home monitoring start working again


So I got a new hub (that would be my 4th including the ones I got from Amazon) from Wyze support. I decided to give it one more shot and I:

  • Haven’t removed the 17 sensors I managed to pair with the 3rd Hub or the Hub itself.
  • I have not set up monitoring with the new Hub and I have NOT upgraded it to the new software (so it was still using
  • I started adding the remaining (around) 33 unpaired sensors to the new Hub. Those are the sensors I’ve never managed to add to the other hubs as they were “blowing up” and then just added the 17 sensors which had been paired with 3rd hub.
  • I’ve managed to add all ~50 sensors without trouble.
  • I deleted 3rd Hub from the app.
  • I set up home monitoring with the new hub. During the process there is no way to avoid upgrading the software update, so I’ve done it.
  • I got into the “crackling” offline status as we’ve described here many times
  • I got super annoyed so I just went to bed. After more less 24h the hub managed to connect with all sensors and stopped doing this stupid crackling sound and it works fine now. The only thing I don’t have is a signal when contact sensor is opened (which is not a big deal for me).

The conclusion is that there is small chance it will start working and maybe it’s worth the wait. I am not touching it for the next 6m+ so too bad Wyze - I won’t buy any new sensors…

I will let you know if it dies again…

The only thing I don’t have is a signal when contact sensor is opened (which is not a big deal for me).

This is the issue I run into. I can usually get the Hub re-added after it goes offline, but eventually it drops back offline -OR- the sensors fail to trigger anything or change status. It looks like they’re still connected, but they don’t actually work, which means it won’t set off an alert if the Status is set to Home/Armed and a sensor is tripped.

I continue to submit logs and have been getting the same canned responses, but at least they seem to acknowledge there’s an issue and a fix might be coming in an unknown future firmware/app update.

New Beta, seems to fix the issue. Adding sensors now, working so far. Twenty-four added, only four more to go.

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I hope this software patch works……

Good to know but I am afraid to upgrade while it seems to work. I won’t upgrade until I have to :smiley:

Was the update successful?

All my sensors are back online. I have noticed, but not investigated, that my HUB must stay wired to the internet. When wireless it goes offline after a time. I would like to keep it on the main floor, wirelessly. The siren would be easier for an intruder to hear. It would be nice to have an external siren.

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Thats great news.
And yes, an external speaker would be great.
I’ll be updating my hub int he next few days…I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Day two with 264. The Good, all sensors added.

The Bad:

  1. Using the APP, current beta, to change status, the circling arrows do not stop, check never appears. Touching and releasing clears the circle. If you do not release the screen, you can slide the screen to check on duty devices. Memory leak?
  2. HMS always reports that my listed security cameras are offline, they are not.

I will again say Wyze Security should have a separate APP. HMS, lights, and camera controls, only. Scales, vacuums, and sprinklers should be in separate APP. Unless we can turn the sprinklers on intruders. :slight_smile:

Day three with 264.

The Good, nothing new.

The Bad:

Uninstalled the Beta APP as a test. Changing status, the circling arrows still do not stop, the checkmark never appears. Touching and releasing clears the circling arrows, but no checkmark appears. If you keep your touch on the screen, you can slide the screen to check the on-duty devices. The APP shows that the status has changed to HOME or AWAY. The status does not change on another logged in device. Example if my wife sets the system and I look at it with my phone, it will still show unarmed. If my wife goes back into the monitors section of the APP, her phone will also show unarmed. The system, however, is actually set. And the system history does log the setting. The short of it, you cannot tell the status from the APP. I set up a schedule to put it in AWAY status. Still the APP did not report that it was in AWAY.

There is no excuse for these kind of bugs even in a beta.

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I’m still running 249 and have been experiencing these bugs you mention for a while now:

  • Cameras always show offline in HMS even though they are online
  • The armed system sometimes shows differently (ex. if you set it to Armed from the keypad it might show Disarmed in the app)

Running Beta……
I had 2 sensors drop off with the last version and I did not want to fool with it as it was working.
Upgraded to Beta….added the 2 sensors successfully.
Currently all functions are operating and changing state as designed!!

Keeping everything crossed this lasts……

Update 07/20

I finally can enjoy my hub as intended. The #249 update seems to have fixed all my issues.

I’ve added 4 new sensors and everything is operating correctly.

Long may it continue….thank you, Wyze

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Do you mean 264 (latest update)?

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Oh yes, sorry for the confusion.

I’m referring to the latest #264 release……

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