New 2.6 Beta App and Firmware released!

Thanks @ArthurH,

I just upgraded a couple of cams. Fyi, when you click on the “what’s new” link the latest firmwares listed for both the cam v2 and cam pan are still the .169 levels.

Is the .24 release still a beta or is it GA code?

Upgraded firmware and app last night. Now my motion sensor driven rule videos show success but don’t actually appear in events. ??
Sent feedback via app. Any suggestions?

My free trial of Complete Motion Capture is done and I want to renew to paid, if I understand correctly this is not possible at this time? Any ETA when this service becomes live? I really liked it and hoping it’ll be soon. Thanks for the great work…

Hello @hectorviov and welcome to the community.

They are still working on the website but hopefully it will be soon.

The firmware is still a beta, that is why it is not updated yet.

Yeah, i figured… for some reason I had thought there was a GA release in the v4.10.5.xx train. Guess not.

Over the past (roughly) couple weeks, Beta FW has gone from 4.x.5.10 to .13 to .17 to .22 and now .24 with each iteration resulting in a number of abnormalities. I have background in both Alpha and Beta testing, and wonder whether these Beta releases are debugged enough at the Alpha level to progress as a true Beta release. It seems that the users (and I am one of them ) are finding flaws that ought to have been corrected prior to a release to Beta. And, some of these flaws are related to the normal and routine features that functioned properly prior to the new Beta release. I do not have expectations of perfection in Beta releases but do expect reasonable performance and now am beginning to feel like an Alpha tester.

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Sometimes I get the sense there might be too many irons in the fire at the root of your observation.

So far, I trust them to work most things out in the end (with 2 notable exceptions). Per below, there’s also likely to be some nearing-year-end crunch in play since some things were promised in dwindling 2019:

Sample of washed out video playback:

All my v2 cams are now on fw, washed out video playback issue still observed.

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Bouncing my phone and the cam in question resolved my 0% Wifi issue above after updating to the most recent app & firmware alone didn’t resolve it. I’ve also cleared the app cache more frequently of late just to say I did. Have you tired the full spread thusly?

EDIT-1: Ugh, sure enough the dimmed/washout playback effect is back for me too, even with the full rebooting spread. Same result on cam pan.

Hi @NumberOne,
I just wanted to post out again, Starting today 11-02-2019 My Phone is notifying me that the Wyze Device are using my Microphone in the background. I do not have any of my Cams record sound. Could you look into this? I Just want to make sure that there is no security Hole that is allowing the Microphones to be accessed when they should not be.

Thanks for the heads up, @TheNerdCorner, I’ll update the team. Would you confirm your app, firmware, and OS versions (I’m curious if this popping up on both Android and iOS)?

I have seen this as well on my end and we’re looking into the cause. We don’t believe this is a security hole, but I’ll update the thread when I have more information.

Hi WzyeKyle,

I’m experiencing connection issues now with today’s firmware update. Very hard to connect, the. 24 was easier to connect. Also the CMC videos is again doing the fragment not found again. I can click on playback after that and it will jump to the playback though.

App version: 4.6.36
V2 firmware v.
Using Samsung note 8 on Android 9

Thanks for the heads up! Is this behavior persisting whether you’re using different Wi-Fi/mobile data networks?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the support during beta testing. Here are the final release candidates for the official launch: for Wyze Cam Pan and for Wyze Cam v2.

This is what they change:

  • Continued improvement for CMC stability
  • Improvement for “fragment not found”
  • Other pre-release stability and log changes
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Hi @NumberOne,

Sorry about the delay I was out of town, the App Version this is happening on (still) 2.6.36 Firmware, Android, I do not have an IOS device So I am unable to confirm.

Getting this ‘broken’ screen from time-to-time while viewing events.

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Thank you reporting this. We are releasing another version of firmware next week. And please let us know if you see this again with the next new firmware. Have a nice weekend!

Firmware? Or app? It looks more like an app issue.

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Yes, you are right. Could also be a video rendering issue. Thanks for reminding.