New 2.6 Beta App and Firmware released!

We were hoping to release the website earlier, but we’re making final adjustments now. We’re sorry about the wait. I’ll update y’all as soon as there’s any news on our end.

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Bummer, was hoping it would be today so we could make some awesome and fun use of CMC for Halloween night :slight_smile:

I say , take your time make it the best it can be :slightly_smiling_face:


Right On!


When I went to select CMC… I had a note that said to come to my account on the website and select WEB SERVICES and add my other cameras for the trial.

There is no Web Services in my account on the website… where is it?

It’s in beta transition at this time

NP thanks for the update!

another issue… none of my orders are showing in my order history under my account… where do i put that ticket? or email whom?


That is a known issue , all of mine are gone too , only recent ones will show up.
If you would like to put in a support request you can do that here



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Thanks for jumping in on this, @HDRock. :slight_smile:


Thanks @NumberOne,

I reciprocally appreciate you (and all of the Wyze team) for the feedback, diligence, and appreciation of us.

Discovered something else and not sure if it’s already been reported. Using app v2.6.33 connecting to cam pan @ firmware v4.10.5.17, when I go to “Device Info” the Wi-Fi Signal Strength always seems to show 0% now. Confirmed this on two Android devices (Note9 & MediaPad M3) logged in under the owner and shared user.

Just passing it along… :upside_down_face:

I am using the v2.6.36 with firmware v4.10.5.17 and do not have the 0% wi-fi issue, mine reads 85%, so it may be fixed in the new beta

We love having a responsive and constructive community – thank you for being a part of it, @secondary_2g!

Like @WyzeJasonJ said, let’s double-check if an app update corrects the 0% Wi-Fi signal strength display. :upside_down_face:

Well son-of-a-gun, an update literally just presented itself.

I’m now at v2.6.36 and I still see 0% wifi on the same cam pan. Also bounced both devices and still showing 0%. Might try bouncing the cam to see if that helps.

EDIT-1: Yup, restarting the cam did it… Signal strength reporting as expected.


We used to call it “percussive” maintenance. If it should be working and it’s not, give it a good whack! Modern day equivalent is to yank its power supply AND whack it!

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The washed out video playback issue reported for app v2.6.26, fixed with v2.6.33 is BACK in v2.6.36 … oh no!

Thanks for letting us know! If possible, can you snag a screenshot and confirm the camera’s firmware version number, @leseadoo?

A.K.A. the three-finger salute for slightly less harsh initial troubleshooting :smile:

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Hello everyone,
Some of you reported difficulty with upgrading the Wyze Cam Pan firmware yesterday. We are about to release version for Wyze Cam Pan and for Wyze Cam v2.
This is mostly the same but should have a better upgrade rate and has an extra bug fix for the “fragment not found” issue.
We look forward to your feedback. Thank you.


I was one of the ones that had difficulties last night. This version applied the first time including on the Pan so so far so good!

I will keep an eye open for fragments errors but it’s been awhile since I have seen one.