My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

A temporary work around that I read someone else mention is I set a schedule for my cams to restart every morning at 6am. This is the time I’m not needing the cams and I haven’t had an issue with them disconnecting where I had to physically unplug and plug back in again since. I was testing it first before mentioning on here but where it was an every day occurance I’m now up to my 2nd week. I don’t have any SD cards in my Pan 3s.

I’ll have to try the schedule because I’ve tried, resetting both as new, removed sd cards and put a fresh one in one of them, turned movement speed to 1 and swapped power bricks. It’s been about 1.5 days and they’re offline again even though all my other cams are still online, including a pan v1. The 2 pan v3 are the only ones that go offline, with a power cycle the only way to get them back online for a day or 2.

I’m having the same exact issue my V3 disconnect once a week… while the standard V3 even further distance apart, has no issues whatsoever…

Signal strength is the same on both cameras when they’re connected… two bars… instead of three bars… wyze please fix

I’m not an electrician, but do you think that using a power adapter with a higher amperage could solve the issue of reducing the power supplied to the camera? ( using a 5v 3 amp power adapter instead of the 5v 2 amp adapter provided )

It’s now 3 weeks and not a single disconnect. Please let me know how that works for you.

What did you do to fix it?

no cause the camera only draws what it needs

if anyone isn’t using original plug and or USB extension cable that’s your problem, but I’m not saying that’s the only problem

i tried a 15m usb cable extension, as soon as the motor kicked in the power drop was too much and camera disconnected from wifi

so I ran ac power outdoor to tree and made junction box, only using wyze power brick and cable and no problems runs for weeks at a time

i also have 3 outdoor pro grade APs, one wyze v3 pro is 200m away and no issues lol

But that only applies to Amps. so if you supply more amps than it needs the cam will be happy.

Probably both Volts and Amps were dropping like rotten apples.

That’s the only way to keep the cameras happy :slight_smile:

Awhile back I’d commented that I believe this to be a power issue, an issue with the design. If I recall correctly, in the YouTube disassembly video the motors dont have separate power/drivers. It’s shared with the wireless radio etc. I’d have to go back and try to look. So if this is the case, anything to reduce the cameras power draw may help provide some stability. Like not using or turning down the pan tilt functionality/speed. Not using an SD card etc. If we assume this may be the issue, it also would potentially make this camera very susceptible to power fluctuations/noise, overheating etc

Personally my 3 Pan V3s dropped out all the time until I had turned down the motor speed on a camera and noticed it hadn’t went offline for awhile. Since then I had adjusted all them down to 1 even tho it’s rarely ever used. Maybe it’s completely coincidence, maybe I am completely wrong. But I’ve observed this model dropping when things like microwave, ac etc.

Note a more powerful power adapter may help some people’s cameras.

I will add i have the wyze 2A usb power brick plugged into 240V because I’m in Europe, but I doubt that matters

i have 2 pans v3 had them running for 1 month no problems

I just set a schedule for the Pan V3s to restart at 6am every day. Your time may be different depending upon when you need it the most. Seems to be a fix so far as I just went from twice a day reboot to none in 3 weeks.

So here are the things that I’ve tried so far:

Setting a restart every morning - Did not work, the cam would disconnect in the afternoon

Hard reset - Did not work

Reset my WiFi - Did not work

Changed WiFi channels - Did not work

Tried another router - Did not work

Tried changing power adapters - Did not work

Tried switching power cable - Did not work

Swapped microSD card - Did not work

Return for a refund - Did not work, out of warranty lol

Prayed to our heavenly father - Did not work

Sacrificed a lamb in front of the camera - Did not work

Offered my soul to the devil in exchange of a working pan cam V3 - Did not work

Things that worked out so far:
-Used a smart plug to control on/off when it disconnected

-Disconnected the pan cam V3 and put my old V2 back

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How far away is the pan cam V3 from the router? Didn’t see testing when it’s closer.

Line of sight, maybe 20 feet or something

If you are willing to do all the other stuff, why not try? My pan V3’s connection at that distance wasn’t stable, either. But stable when closer. I had to add a WiFi extender. The first WiFi extender didn’t work too well, either. I can’t remember the last time I power cycled it.

If anyone is thinking WiFi6 and/or mesh WiFi, I already have them. A couple of my V3s are at a distance over 25 feet away and they are working OK.

This is crap and Wyze won’t support the product, junk camera and I have two others cameras in the area and o issue, Wyze and Vivint.

Yeah, Wyze should do house calls and move the camera closer to the router.

Seriously, the next panning camera should have a bigger internal antenna. The pan V3 sacrificed it to make everything compact.

Now that’s funny! :rofl:

Not really funny……

I have WiFi router in the garage, v3 pan just outside of garage and this happens.

Very frustrating and horrible product and support.

I also have a google nest and Vivint camer with no issues in the immediate area.

Another one who refuses to test first in an ideal and controlled environment. A “puck” probably has as little WiFi capability as the camera itself.

The extender that finally worked for me has 4(!) mini antennas.

The camera has a limitation; either return it, or fix what’s causing it to fail.