My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

I, too, am done. I had many version of Wyze and loved them. I sold my home and all the cameras inside… quietly happy, since no I could get newer versions. I tried the Pam Cam V3 and instantly subscribed to Wyze Live and then… I find the infinite problems with the V3 working ‘solid’ and through Live.

Now I find that after sending the V3s back to Amazon… I find that I am stuck with the Live subscriptions eventhough I don’t have any cameras. I would love to have cameras that work… but they dont!!!

Very dissappointed with Wyze’s new policies.

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Yep. Same here. Im already looking for another solution that will be vendor agnostic. The newer cameras all seem to have this issue. My Pan 3, the Telephoto and my Wyze cam v3pro. I literally just ordered 3 more too, but Im going to be returning them as soon as they come in.

It’s also a little frustrating that they’re making the same camera for the Roku label, but we cant put our cams onto the TV too.

so done.

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Now I’m getting this reply, they won’t replace this junk that won’t stay connected and want more troubleshooting.

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Omg for the past couple of weeks I go to check my camera and there’s this not conn message on my phones screen and I have to power cycle it by unplugging and plugging back up. This is numerous times a day. Now I shouldn’t have to remember to unplug and plug my camera back up every day I leave the house so unfortunately when I’m not home a want a peace of mind and check my camera…

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For anyone who is experiencing this issue, we would like your help. Can you please submit a microSD card log if you have easy access to the camera with the issue?

Here is the process:

MicroSD Log Collection Instructions

When the device shows offline, please take out the microSD card and wait a second before re-inserting the card (or inserting a new microSD card). The camera will then make two “ding” sounds usually within 30 seconds.

On your microSD card, there will be a root or log folder with the device log that you can access with a computer. The files are named xxxxx_log.txt. If there are multiple logs, select the most recent log file.

When you have the log, please DM @WyzeJasonJ.

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Just return them, as I did. Support has not helped us.

AND DONT!!! signup for on-line data, because that is NON REFUNDABLE… so when you finally send your cameras back they keep your subscription money.

This company was great for years… and still may be, but V3 pan cam is horrible

OH… I see you are from Wyze?

Well… I hope you figure out the issue, and for the record, as I told support - send me working cameras and I wont be so pissed off about you keeping my subscription money. Not my fault your cameras don’t work!

Is there a specific setting that needs to be turned on? or firmware that needs to be installed?

I’ve tried 3 times now, freshly formatting card inside the camera, restarting it, waiting for the offline to happen, pulling card and re-inserting. It doesn’t ding, and even after waiting a minute when I pull the card and check it, it’s only standard recording folders.

I will get with the engineer and see if there is anything that is missing from the instruction. Can you also let me know what size microSD card you are using in case it matters?

I’ve tried 128 and 256GB.