My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

I like your idea of scattering schedling the [mod edit] offs. As for me, after I tried all 5 at same time and it worked, I stopped finagle it further. Took too much triaging to get it working. Like touching a house of cards… why touch it if it works?

Guess I gotta worry about people now knowing my cameras are off for those 5 mins at 1am huh?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you have to turn off cameras briefly daily just to make them work right, its not worth it, even if you can automate it.

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That is 100% up to you. :sunglasses:

Some of us would disagree and understand why it is needed… as a lot of technology requires reboots (laptops, apps, cell phones, my washer dryer electronics, etc.)

Of course, I may choose to NOT reboot devices… but to prevent issues, it is needed.

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It is sad you have to do that.

Wonder why I don’t have to reboot mine?

I hadn’t had to reboot for years… wondering what all the fuss was about. THEN IT HAPPENED.

I def resisted doing manual daily reboots… aint nobody got time for dat.

So scheduling daily reboots put Wyze back in my good graces.

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I have had the Wyze Cam V3 for over 6 years. That one I hardly had to regularly reboot or so called power recycle ( fancy term used to sound more than what it really is–power on off). And for over 8 years I have had an indoor Tend security camera that works and works with hardly any regular reboots. So, it is annoying to have to reboot frequently the Wyze Cam Pan V3. It is even more difficult to do that when you are out of town and that is when you need the security camera to be actively on to monitor your house. Sad that you’d have to spend additional money to buy remotely powering on off equipment to reboot it.


Ordered this today will try // very disconcerting these V3 pan cams – And I have had Wyze for years.

Not sure why you have to spend extra money.

In Android app, go to Account, Rules and create a rule to shut off all devices at a certain time

Then, create a 2nd rule to turn on all devices 5 minutes later.

This way, the reboots happen daily without any other intervention or costs.

App “shutdown” is not the same as unplug the power.

Replaced the power adapters on all three of my Pan Cam V3 cameras that would all go down at the same time but my V2 and outlets and doorbell cam would all still be working on the same network. They have been online for 5 days straight which is a new record. fingers crossed.

I’m now up to 8 days with different power adapters on my Pan Cam v3s and they have not dropped off my network once!!!

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That’s a sweet solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine is still going offline……

Even hard reset today, very annoying.


I just bought 2 pan V3 cameras and can’t get them to connect at all, no lights, nothing, tried on off different plugs different adapters, have these been shut down on wyzes end?

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I’m going back to my version twos for now. Just had to reset them yesterday My longest record is 9 days without resetting and just last week they’ve went offline three times. This has personally been an issue for me for 7 months and is really really annoying that they haven’t fixed it in 7 months I’ve sent in my logs I’ve let them know that at a certain update is when it started doing this so I do not understand why they can’t figure this out in 7 months. I replaced the power adapters I’ve replaced the cables I’ve done all the software things that’s been suggested nothing seems to work. The only reliable thing I have right now is the simple fact I added Alexa smart plugs to them so that I can have Alexa turn them off and turn them back on since I’m out on a semi truck and need my cameras


I got tired of running and resetting so I just let them sit and after being disconnected for a day they started up again. My Battery Cam Pro still remained connected and I have them there as backups. So yea the Pan v3 connects and may stay connected for 3 to 5 days, disconnect and then 1 to 2 days later just connect again on it’s own.

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I have all kinds of Wyze cameras but the 2 pan V3s have the most connection problems. They are both working OK now. I had to reposition the router’s antennas just to make one of them to function. The one farther out, I had to put an extender to make it work, even though I have tested a V3 in the same exact spot.

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Ahh shoot. Looks like Im on this train too. Haha. Daily restarts doesn’t help. Changing power brick doesn’t help. Dang.

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:train2: Sorry to hear about your travels. I was leary to use Wyze pan cams. I do enjoy the V3 and V2 cams. My Eufi 2K cam has been good.

I’ve all but given up on the Cam Pan V3. Being so finicky I placed my Cam V3 looking at same scene, just so I don’t have the Pan V3 keep on disconnecting when I need it most, like out of town. I just let it do as it pleases. I do not use the pan feature while ON, but manually sometimes do that to check around. But it does crazy stuff like I tap control a little to move a bit and it rotates to its end point. Sometimes horizontal panning it does vertical, looking at the sky, and I can’t get it to come down. All this tells me the Cam Pan V3 is not worth the price vs aggravation it produces. And I have NOT recommended Wyze cams to anyone. No one I know uses them, but they are using Ring or Blink or Simply Safe or Arlo.