My Outdoor Mount Installation Instructions


I wanted to mount this outdoors bought a case from amazon and I did the following Images Hope it helps someone. I purposely left off the Plastic shield so I wouldnt get the reflective IR light at night. I also wanted it to STAND OUT AS A CAMERA… :wink: . Deterrent



How ingenious! To top it off this seems to be far better than the tight fitting rubber raincoats sold by various folks for the Wyze Cam, and the price is reasonable. I am going to give it a try.

Thanks for sharing. I was checking dummy cameras on amazon during the weeked. Did you try not removing the plastic shield?. My my concern is someone trying to steal the camara or damaging the camera?. How secure is the dummy mount?

Yeah but the plastic shield will interfere at night with the IR lights, but yeah you can leave it on, Very secure dummy camera and the usb cable runs out of the back with the fake hole for the dummy power cable.


Or bees, spiders, critters in general etc…
Really great idea, I think it just needs a fairly tight fit at opening maybe sponge door insulation around it.
The glass (or plastic) on a “dummy” camera will definitely cause the infrareds to glare. this is the right idea…
The lens must be open…

Have you used this at night with the IR fired up? I would think you will get plenty of glare off the housing given the view you posted. If you can see it in the camera view, the IR will more than likely reflect back.

I like the idea.

Here you go bro

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Has the motion detection been Working properly?

Sweet! That’s much better than I was expecting considering the multiple ‘glare’ issues and solutions given. I can see by the shadows and reflection off the truck, there is a second light source fairly near the camera. Is that IR too?

I like it! I think seeing the camera is a great deterrent.

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@fresno Unfortunately that image is on the poorer side of the spectrum. :frowning: Your housing is definitely reflecting up the IR - that’s why the perimeter of the image is so light and the center so dark. It’s similar to looking out the window of a lit room at night - all of the light is bouncing around inside the room, and very little is able to escape through the window, bounce off objects, and return to your eye.

I see that you’ve positioned the camera so that it is recessed a bit in the housing - which is good thinking for the purpose of protecting the camera from debris and solar glare, but it creates the contrast problem present in your image. Like, I can’t tell if the tree on the right is in your yard or the yard across the street, or if the tree in your yard has any leaves on it, or if that’s a manhole, something just laying in your yard, or a spot with no grass. It’s pretty bad.

Your setup would be greatly enhanced and complemented by a low light camera rather than an infrared camera. Or, likely even by disabling IR on your Wyze camera altogether. I managed a company that distributed security and surveillance equipment for a while, and can attest to the fact that many people setup a camera and jump straight into IR mode without first seeing how the camera performs in low lighting, without IR.

In almost all cases, a low light camera (perhaps your Wyze with no IR) plus an outdoor light will yield a better image than IR. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Turning off the IR while still in night mode is reportedly ‘in-development’. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon.

I purchased this mount and have been very happy with it. My cam is mounted farther back on my porch, so protection from the elements wasn’t a major factor, even thought we get snow and rain, but it does keep the camera mostly enclosed (except for the sensors on the front), and the top lip is colored black so you don’t get any weird reflective issues. I mainly just wanted a mount that used screws and enclosed the camera for a little bit of extra protection, and it does just that.

Paint the interior with Vantablack or Blackest Black to reduce reflection ???

Thanks will try that, I primarily got it as a deterrent.

I see there is a AA battery boc in the picture. Were you able to power the camera using those and if so how did you wire everything up?


Nice job! I will add that these cameras are more durable than I thought, I mounted one outside under a covered parking under the house and it is still working after almost a year. That includes going through Hurricane Florence at over 100 mph wind and 27” of horizontal rain and Hurricane Micheal. Ok after Florence she was hanging by the power cord but still working. Just saying, tuff cams.



I’m pretty sure the battery block was to power the fake camera ‘on’ light in the original fixture. It was recharged by the solar cell on the top. Two AA batteries only gets you 3.v and that doesn’t meet the 5v specs of the camera.

This looks perfect I’m going to order this with the wyzecam v2. I currently have a wyzecam pan.