Suggestions for V2 housing without IR glare?

Currently my v2 is looking out the patio window and as soon as the IR lights turn on all it sees is it’s reflection. I have it flush with the glass but doesn’t help. I’ve see some water proof enclosures on amazon and don’t know which to choose. It will be mounted in a shaded patio and I live in an area with high humidity. Any suggestions?

If you have it behind glass, you have to turn the IR lights off. Moving it right against the glass helps for other glare and reflection, but not so much for IR lights. You can get any of the various outdoor enclosures like the silicone skin which help outdoors. Many put them under an eve for protection. I’ve had a V2 cam mounted outside under a half dome cover and it’s been chugging along for close to 2 years in rain, snow, and heat. No skin cover on it either, just this cover SDS DS-1250ZJ Universal Sun Rain Shade Camera Cover Shield for Outdoor Camera


This type of case works fine too. See how it’s black under the little hood? That helps prevent glare.
I turn the LED lights off outside too. It helps prevent bugs being attracted to the camera and they don’t work well enough for outside distance antyway.

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I just saw they announce V3, so I pre-ordered that one for outside and I’ll move this one to the garage.

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