My Outdoor Mount Installation Instructions

Has anyone tried just mounting a Wyze camera as is? I have an old Airlink camera that is definitely not intended for outdoor use that I mounted up under the eves 2 years ago and still works great…much to my surprise. This is Canada, snow, ice, rain, fog 0 deg F. Just fired up my first Wyze and VERY pleased with camera and features.

Many people report having mounted outside, naked, as long as they are protected from any precipitation.


Thanks very much, good to know. Where I would put it is very well protected from precipitation and bright sunlight. They are very affordable, so may be worth a try.
I bought and have installed 2 of these same outdoor camera all mounts, only in black to help with IR reflection.
I do get some reflection from the white soffit. Been thinking about black tape sheet where the cameras are installed to help with the reflection but right now, is too cold and snowy to attempt.
I had to cut out a hole so I could power the 2nd one from the first one (daisy chain) so as to not have to run a 2nd USB line to the 2nd camera.
They are mounted under the soffit; one looking down my driveway, one looking backwards at my backyard shed.
Been pleasantly surprised as how well they work outside (both camera and cover/mount) in the cold winter in the Midwest (40mph winds do shake them a bit).
Will be getting a -35 windchill in the coming days so will see how they fair in that.
Overall very pleased with them.
I did seal up around the USB cords with some silicone to ensure not to get moisture in from blowing snow/rain.

It was only for 2 days, but I put my camera on a metal gate, held by the magnetic bottom. It snowed and the temp dropped to 20 below and it did fine (except for notifications on a million snowflakes.). Then I cut an opening for the camera in a plastic margarine container and put it over it as I set it on a fence post. It operated fine. But again, it was only for 2-3 days. It was operating with about 50 - 60% of internet power.

Interesting, mine should do fine then, outdoors, but very sheltered. Thanks !

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I have one ,as is , naked , Stuck on top of Porch light fixture under the eaves, been there since summer , Works fine


As an update, my camera has remained outside under the margarine dish and has had no problems. The wind sound is magnified by the dish, so I usually turn off the sound when listening (unless I’m trying to hear the flippin’ coyotes). Even though there’s nothing to reflect off of, I can’t use the night vision lights. The image fogs up as soon as I turn them on. I’m assuming the heat from the lights is fogging the lens. I can’t see it when I look for it, but I can’t think of another reason. I’m hoping when the temps get above zero, (or more realistically above freezing), the night vision should work ok. That should be in the next week or two. Fingers crossed!