Cheap outdoor camera mount and weather protection

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Have fun building, I am enjoying these little buggers…



I’m just west of you in eastern Los Angeles County. What’s this “rain” you talk about. I think I have forgotten what that is :slight_smile:


Rain - according to the new text book only available in the southern part of California, means you shoot the water hose upward and stand under it pretending to be happy. That’s called Rain,

Thanks William. I was confused about what “rain” was. That explains it. We certainly aren’t getting any falling from clouds like normal people get…

BTW, I’m in Glendora.


Chino Hills here, like where you can smell the unforgiving by-product from the Holy Fire. Glendora is one of the glorious light shows you see each Xmas. And I appreciate your hard work and talent!

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Oops, sorry!

Bought a dummy camera for $13 bucks, gutted it and put the wyze camera inside


Ok nice job. I heard they were going to make outdoor cameras this year 2019. I think I’ll wait if I can

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Where do you place the wires ?
My problem is wiring … where and how do I extend the wire into the house to power the camera ?
Do you place the wire through the wall into the house ?

Thought I would give a little feedback. Unlike my comments last August about no rain, it has been raining here a lot lately. Most of the past two weeks have had at least some rain, and we got some in December as well. And more expected this weekend. Last October, I put one of my V2 cameras outside in the common little “house” cover that is available on Amazon:
It has been out in the weather since then. It’s a little hard to see in this photo, but just left of the golden colored arrow is a white dot. That is the camera that is outside.

The camera is pointing back towards the house and it is just sitting on top of an electrical outlet cover (where it is getting power). I originally put it there to view my Christmas light show, so it was considered temporary - hence the non-fancy mounting method. The only downside to the lack of mounting is that it tends to move when I need to plug in or remove some other cable from the outlet box. Here is a photo from the camera:

The red arrow points out the Pan camera that took the first photo, and the two blue arrows point out the two V2s that are also in the bay window looking out into the yard.
I am likely going to make a more permanent mounting for the one in the yard. I like having it there.
And yes, with all the rain, the weeds are growing really well :grin:


I as well have the Amazon house snap on cover and it has been through a cold and rainy winter with no problem. Working great. Highly recommend it

WOW, now that one is definitely “outside”.

Long time lurker, first time poster. See the attached for the model that I have 3d printed. Prints in 3 pieces that slide together after putting the camera inside. From a distance they look like much more expensive models of cameras. With a little bit of silicone, they’ve become quite “water-resistant”. Definitely not “Waterproof”.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing that.

Nicely done.

Many thanks…

Nicely done. Looks like it’ll last awhile. Does it get hope at all?

Many thanks. I’ve had a couple hanging outside (under the eaves) for about five months and no problems as of yet!