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So, I just got 2 Wyze Cam Pan’s…really enjoy them, good…almost great products.

So, as a new user I noticed that the pan feature appears to work like a drugged out paranoid person lol. So, the camera has a certain FOV, so the motion detection/pan feature has to work smarter, more natural instead of robotic and chaotic.

So, if it detects movement within it’s FOV it shouldn’t turn to it with a herky jerky style of movement but instead either not turn at all for pan smoothly following the movement.

For example the FOV is 150 degrees so if the movement is within the middle 110 degrees it would not move at all If the movement is at the edges it would SMOOTHLY move in that direction UNLESS it detects the movement moving in the direction of the MEAT AND POTATOS of the FOV, no pan needed at this time. If the movement remains on the edge or moving out of FOV then the camera can pan towards it, smoothly…not like a rabid animal in a trash bag, lol.

Finally, I will ask like a baby stomping on the ground…a detection notification of 12 sec is fine ONLY if it continues to record the event to my SD card and/or NAS device. So, recording options should not just be event, continuous, time lapse, but record also what I will call…“event PLUS”, records movement event and continues until movement is not detected.

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That’s exactly how Event Only recording to the SD card works… it keeps recording (in 1 minute intervals) until there isn’t any motion. You may also want to check out the following Roadmap topics:

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