Mesh router for outdoors

I’m trying to extend my Mesh router network to a dock I’ve got at the back of my house in Florida, which is probably 350 Ft away from the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a repeater i can use with my Wyze Mesh network that would be rated for outdoor service?



You could put another mesh node in a container or dry spot between the 2 locations, or use a wired back haul with point to point microwave extenders.


Agreed, a container (especially a thin clear plastic one) shouldn’t hurt the reception too much, especially for 2.4 GHz which goes through walls, cement, brick, etc fairly well anyway. The only concern I would have is that it might trap heat inside. So, it might be good to account for heat build-up somehow without allowing for too much humidity/condensation/bugs to get inside. :thinking:

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Yes sir. You want something like this. If don’t like this price, look around for this type device by someone else. Prices vary and fluctuate with season.

It gets the signal down to your dock, then you attach the satellite router to it.
There are all sorts of big and small utility boxes you can house the units in to prevent water entry.


My big concern with putting the satellite router in an enclosed box is the heat that it generates !! Have you guys felt the bottom of these routers when they are operating? I actually build a little stand to put it on a wood shelf, because I was afraid the heat would damage the surface of the shelf !! Putting it outside in Florida weather seems a bit concerning to me?

Will one of the exterior rated WiFi range entenders work?

Thanks for the help!


Heat is definitely a valid concern.

I would not recommend a Wi-Fi extender like that because it won’t properly extend your mesh network, and will just create a separate network, that your device needs to switch back and forth between. It can also cause interference and other issues.

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I also hate most network extenders because they have always caused me more network problems than they solved. Any devices I connected to then almost always had horrible connectivity issues, and the interference was often horrible just like you said. I tried about 4 different ones before I decided they were horrible solutions.I finally searched some articles about extenders and learned this is really common to the point that they make you more frustrated with worse problems, not less.

I rarely recommend extenders now.

Mesh is best, bridge is next best. Extender is last resort.

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I recommend listening to some YouTube videos from people that have first hand experience with specific models. Maybe you will see one that’s application mirrors your requirement versus just across an open field. Goes without saying to question a device that the YT creator sponsored the video. Its nice to have the resources these days to benefit from others experiences so we don’t all have to re-invent the wheel to find out best practices. Eh?

It sure would be nice to hear from someone at Wyze on what ambient conditions the Mesh routers can handle? I’ve got a covered boathouse on the dock, so I could easily mount one up in the eaves of the boathouse, but I feel it would be a short lived device without some other kind of protection.

I know the routers are made for indoor applications, but I doubt I’m the only one wanting to extend their mesh network outside, to a shed/garage etc.


They likely wouldn’t be allowed to say any more than the official tech specs:


I have an Eero Mesh system with a combination of one Eero pro 6, one Eero pro, and a couple of Eero pro plug-in beacons. I’m currently only using one of the beacons, but it’s been outside in my gazebo since 2021 and covers my whole back yard and even some devices 100 feet away, like our camper in it’s parking spot.

The key to using one of your mesh nodes outdoors is keeping it dry, temperatures don’t seem to be any issue in my case. I live in rural NY State, so we get temps ranging from 90’s in the summer, to below zero in the winter, and mine has worked fine.

As long as you can come up with something to keep it dry and a decent height, a mesh node outdoors should work fine, Mine is about 7 feet high, just under the roof of our gazebo, but it’s also a high point of out property, so coverage distance is great.